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Lat Pulldown Technique, More Than Bodywt


I'm just starting to do lat pulldowns over my own bodyweight and I have trouble bringing the bar down for the first rep, before I had a chance to put knees under the pads and the bar is hanging pretty high. What's the correct way to do it? I used to just take my feet off the ground to bring it down first with lower weights, heh...


Time to abandon the selector stack and start doing pullups. Add some weight with a dip belt and some plates as you keep progressing.


I'm doing pullups that's for sure and yes, I will add weight.

But I'm curious how do people pull down the bar when its more than bodyweight and their legs aren't hooked to anything. This shouldn't be possible. My classmate who's about 150lbs told me that he can do 200lbs on the pulldowns, this must have been bullsh*t then, huh...


How is it bullshit? maybe he works out at a gym where people do more than their body weight all the time. If it's a little bit more you do a slight jump yank downwards, if it's a lot more you ask somebody else at the gym to spot you real quick. Unless you have skills, then you just set your feet far enough under to use your hamstrings to pull yourself down. Or you can be a geek, grab a weight put it on the bar as you pull it down. Oh I get it you just wanted to brag that you can do bw pull downs.... Good Job... seriuosly.


I suppose you could take a piece of chain with a carabiner on it and adjust the height of the bar. Or maybe he's tall enough to reach it.

Regardless, BW+50 pullup is more impressive... and it looks way more awesome!


Vide-grrip Pullups, and lots of them.


Heck, strap on extra weight and it looks even more bad@ss.


Maybe if you can't rock the weight go lighter? Until you can then just go lighter man


Yep, weighted chinups will be more impressive, makes sense.
I can rock down about 10lbs over my own weight on the pulldown machine, that's it.

No don't think my classmate can pull 200lbs, I'm sure it's bull..--not sure he can even pull his own weight.


Start at a weight you can manage and work your way up. It's not hard. I don't think you should be lifting your feet off the ground for any reason during this exercise. Grab the bar, keep your arms straight, bend your knees and lower yourself to the seat. If the bar doesn't come down with you then you should lower the weight until it does.


reading fail


Umm that is terrible advice.. Why should his BW effect the amount of resistance his lats, rear delts and biceps handle?
I do pullups with added weight, If I felt like included pulldowns in my rotation, I assure you I would use more than BW.. I would just use the pads for leverage to get down or something..
Thats like saying if you cant unrack a bench weight on your own then you shouldnt bench it; id love to see dave tate try to unrack his 610 PR


I have to agree, though. A BW+50 pullup with even MORE weight would look totally more badass.

You could hook a chain through the chain and attach that to more chains, like the powerlifters do. That would look mega badass.


I have never seen or heard of someone hanging from the bar and dropping themselves to the seat on the lat machine. Do you have any clips I can view?