Lat pull down bar

I’ve got a weider weight lifting bench which has a lat attachment on it. My problem is that the lat attachment isn’t wide enough, I’ve been told that the bench uses a standard size lat attachment, anyone know where i can get a wider one, or should I just carry on using the one I’ve got. Will a wider attahment give me a wider back?

Your genetics determine how wide your back will be. Just keep concentrating on developing those lats with heavy pulling motions. You don’t need a wide grip to effectively develop your lats. My favorite grip for rows and chins is a narrow grip, palms facing each other. Medial deltoid work also helps create a wide look.

There are so many sources for pulley attachments of virtually any configuration to mention here. Do a web search. Might also find some decent ones on ebay.

Try this. Place your upper arms parallel to the ground. Now bend your forearms to 90 degrees. If you can still grap your pulldown bar at the turn or lower, your bar is just fine. If not, do a search on weight equipment and check the various weight companies for the best deal. Best of Luck.