Lat Pain After Deadlifts

I was doing sumo block pulls and I felt pain in my left lat in the middle when I compress it. It hurts to do any pull and squats. I don’t know if it is very serious but it just gets in the way of training. I think it might be from a shitty belt i used on bench that could have dug into that muscle or weak lat muscles. Recently I’ve been training my ass off for a power lifting meet (especially the bench press) I think that might be the reason. Also I think I overworked myself trying to manage a decent amount of frequency between my squat and dead. Do you think stretches and foam rolling will help or just make it worse.

Strain maybe. Rest, don’t do anything stupid and gradual return to activity. I’ve had loads of tweaks. You’ll be fine

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Thanks, Im just going to take a little time off and start slow

Also in future make sure to warm up properly and avoid jerking starts to the deadlift if you can

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