Lat Muscle Strain

In February 2022, I was diagnosed with a Lat Strain ( 2nd degree). I was doing my pull-ups and felt no pain during the move. However the next day I had DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in both lats especially up under the r shoulder more so than on the left side which was really sore, The DOMS lingered for five days Lefts side, eight days right side, so I visited my doc since DOMS does not normally linger for a week with me … he diagnosed the lat strain and suggested I may have slightly strained the triceps too near the attachment at the upper arm. He suggest PT which I did for only two weeks before my insurance company barked. I did get improvement , but get setbacks from time to time and six months later and can’t seem to return to normal strength. I stretch a lot, perhaps overdoing it? Not sure. Has anyone suffered from this? I can still lift, but am careful with lats … I just think this is going on too long, five months now.