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Lat Injury

Hey, folks: Long-time reader, first time poster.

I took a very hard shot under my right shoulder while playing basketball last week. Although I didn’t break or crack a rib, I did a number on that lat.

The doctor’s given me the green light for cardio and leg work, but I’m curious how to train legs and core without putting load on my back. I’m facing 1-5 more weeks of not being able to train and exercise normally.

Also, I’m curious how to get into doing upper body work again.

Any advice is welcome.

So is it just a lat bruise or did you tear the muscle?

It’s a lat bruise. I didn’t know that you could bruise a muscle, but there you go.

If its a bruise go back to working out, your not going to hurt anything. It will actually help push all the dead blood out and help recovery. Doc’s are so paranoid and too careful with people.

Thanks very much.

As lame as it sounds, I did the elliptical trainer yesterday, just to get the muscle moving again.

I agree, your lat will heal…you don’t have to worry about not loading your back, since it isn’t your actual spine or spinal muscles that were affected.

I went to an RMT this weekend to get a state of the union, and she indicated that most of my other surrounding muscles are quite tense to guard the lat. I’m doing some icing and compressing now, and I’m doing some range of motion movements to get 'er moving again.

I did squat and even light, light RDLs the other day, but I find the range of muscles sore now from compensating for the lat really precludes doing much upper body work.

It’s not the end of the world for me to refocus on legs, with some cautious squatting to pair with lunges and Bulgarian split squats. I’m not the strongest unilateral leg guy, so even body weight lunges and BSS work well for me anyways.