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Lat Imbalance


I'm starting to see a slight but noticeable difference between my right and left lats. Even in workouts aimed to balanced the two sides like pull/chinups and dumbell rows, I'm seeing, and feeling, bigger and stronger on my right side.

Some basic info that'll hopefully help diagnose the problem:

  • Currently doing ABBH program (substituted BB rows w/ pullups)
  • Right handed
  • Past history of dislocations on both shoulders (2 on left, 5 on right)
  • Clear loosening of capsule on right shoulder (orthopedic surgeon said I can work out w/ it but that I'll probably never achieve full upper body potential until I get it operated on)

Should I just continue with the ABBH as is or perhaps supplement extra volume w/ KB rows on my AR days? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


My advice is to get those damn shoulders straightened out before you lift any heavier.

I myself have impingement syndrome in my left shoulder. It is really annoying and hindering my lifts in certain exercises (especially pull ups and the military press).

I'm also doing the ABBH and sometimes cannot perform exercises at 80% of my 1RM due to the shoulder problem.

Get that checked dude, then worry about your lats.


I've already had them checked. The orthopedist told me that it's ok for me to lift, just that I'll never be as strong upper body wise as I could be until I get it fixed. That's fine with me. I'm in no hurry to get cut open right now (he told me that the surgery on my right shoulder will likely be "highly invasive"). It's not like I'm in a competitve sport where maximum strength is paramount. My main goals are to just get a little bigger, stronger and just be all an all around healthy, sculpted guy.



I would then say to add more unilateral movement into your ABBH plan.

Try DB bench presses instead of using a barbell.

Same goes with the barbell rows- use dumbbells instead.

That way you can make sure that your left lats are doing as much work as your right side.

Also, why would you substitue the rows for pull ups in your programme? Just wondering coz you already are doing chin ups on another day..


I did the substiting because when I started training, my lats were the least developed muscles on my upper body (relatively speaking, of course). The chinup days are separated enough that I don't feel like I'm overtraining my lats.


Hey I have the same thing. Except there is nothing wrong with my shoulder or anything. My right lat is larger than my left. I think it's because i'm focusing more on my right side though.