Lat imbalance?

Question is: How come my right lat is bigger, wider than my left? I can feel my right pulling a lot more during wide-grip pull-ups, but any rowing exercise I am pretty symmetrical. I realize rows use more rhomboids and mid-back and pull-ups hit the lats more.

Second question is: Can I fix it? Does the fact that I drive a stick-shift and have been for the last 5 years and that I am right-handed have anything to do with it?

The only other imbalance I think I may have is completely reversed; my left bicep seems to be stronger than my right. (??) but obviously my bigger concern is with my lats.

I will do high-volume deadlifts typically the beginning of the week for hams/lower back, then come back later in the week for pull-ups and perhaps some rows, keeping pull-ups as my primary lat movement.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

If its any consolation, my left nut hangs lower than my right.


Well, he DID say ANY input would be appreciated…

An adhesion in the tissues surrounding the lat may be a problem. Have you tried ART?


your nuts aren’t supposed to be on the same level with each other. This is a protective mechanism by the body to make sure they don’t get squashed together.

I had a pretty nasty lat imbalance because I rowed starboard on my college team for three years. It made my right side visibly biger than my left. I’ve gotten it better somewhat, just through lots of training volume. Try isolating your left lat with 1-armed cable and 1-armed bent over rows. That helped me a little bit. I know, it was so annoying to feel a solid hunk of meat on my right side, and have something so much smaller on the left side.

Ya know, I have that same problem with my left nut as well… seems that falling off a personal watercraft at 65 will do that to you.

I will continue my volume one-armed training and see what happens. Its not terribly visible right now, but I know it is there, ya know?


What kind of Seadoo ya got?

As for the lats try this…

kneel in front of a high cable machine. Attach a one handed grip to the high cable. Now from a knee bent position row one arm/lat at a time. Your goal here is to learn to recruit your lats. So really feel the muscle work as you pull down to your hip. And on the way up really try to flare the lat out.

When I first started competing I had a problem in that I had a better mind connection with my right lat. It wasnt that my left was that much smaller I just didnt know how to flare it. These corrected that problem. Now my front lat spread is one of my better poses. Try it!


stop driving a stick shift, thats obviously your problem…

I agree with TS. The neurology is pretty important.

I have also got a slight asymmetry in my build. Right arm larger than left, left leg larger than right. Left testicle higher than right. Can anyone recommend any excersises for my nuts?