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Lat/Bi Training with HP Mass Program

Maybe I will go back and try it. I did read that RGBP doesn’t do much for chest development so that was another reason i went away from it. My chest is one of my worst body parts. Seems like it doesn’t grow worth anything. Any pointers or extra things I can be doing with the HP Mass program? That makes more sense for CDEF. And yeah recovering from a shrug takes very little time.

Well, the Reverse Grip BP is a “pressing” exercise so it hits everything (Shoulders, Chest, Tri) - You can emphasize certain muscles (chest or tri’s) depending on your starting position and your squeeze at the top (to focus more on chest, “squeeze” the bar together)

Honestly, the regular Bench Press is not a very good Pec exercise IMO. There are many exercises much better suited, I much prefer inclines and declines (even things like Rings, Flys, DB presses)

Sorry to reply so late. Thanks again for the advice. Whats your thoughts on doing squats from pins? I know i’ve read stuff on it lately but can’t seem to find it. I want to be explosive in a squat but find it hard doing a full squat. Any thoughts?

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
From CT, taken from an old live spill( http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/680 ):



A1. Face pull 4 x 8-10

A2. DB chest-supported rear delts raise 4 x 8-10


B1. Seated row to mid-sternum, hold peak contraction 2 seconds per rep 4 x 8-10

B2. Blast straps rear delts 4 x 8-10

C. Power high pull 5 x 4-6

D. Power shrugs 5 x 4-6

E. Strict shrugs 4 x 10-12 with 2 seconds hold at the top

F. One-arm barbell shrug to the side 4 x 6-8 per side

04-18-2011 16:30


A1. Rope straigth-arms pulldown 4 x 8-10

A2. Kneeling rope lat pulldown torso leaning forward, same weight x max reps

A3. Kneeling lat pulldown leaning back, same weight max reps


B1. Straight-arms pulldown with bar 4 x 8-10

B2. Stretcher row (from John Meadows) 4 x 8-10


C1. Low pulley straigth-arm pulldown with rope 4 x 8-10

C2. Low-pulley cable rowing with rope, same weight max reps

Just throw in some bicep work afterwards on each day. Or, check out these other spill by CT for some tips/tricks/ideas:



BTW - There is a HUGE number of old Training Labs that CT has written. At the top of the page, go to Training Lab ~> Indigo Project. Once there, Filter the search results under CT’s name and read them. There are 6+ pages of GOLD in there.[/quote]

OP or Lonnie, have either of you tried this back workout? It seems like so much volume. 30+ sets for back thickness & 30+ sets for width. Can you honestly recover from that?

I love training back, but if I did half that volume it would wreck me regardless of diet.

I never had any problems with it. Its not like you are doing 30 sets of dead lifts… We are talking things like Face pulls, Blast Straps, and lat pull down variations. The High Pull ~> Power Shrug ~> Strict Shrug ~> 1 Arm Shrug combo, while 20 sets, really isnt all that much because of the performance aspect of the first two movements, and the last 2 just really arent that taxing.

If you havent done the 2 second holds before, start with an EASY weight, because the holds can add up fast when it comes to the fatigue. I literally went from “lat pulling” the entire stack of 300lb, down to like 120 pounds with the 2 sec squeeze. It makes a massive difference in how you FEEL it in your back though.

Curious how the 6WSH went for you, and how you are setting up your return to HP Mass.

I just finished 12 weeks of 6WSH and had a great cut. After two weeks of screwing around, I am starting HP Mass this last week, and am trying to do the program as described. I bow to the wisdom of CT. Twice I have used his programs, by-the-book, and gotten my best results. When I design my own, modify, etc, I end up not gaining or getting burned out.

However, CT leaves a lot of options open within HP Mass, so I am doing my best to fill in the blanks. Would love to see how you made your exercise selections and “extra work” choices.


It went Awesome brother, I really liked it and it produced results like crazy.

Check out the log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_indigo_2/lonnie123s_indigo3g_log

I used the program from page 1 until about page 4 or so. I ALSO did the 2 back days and shit tons of metabolic work, along with a dialed in diet for a Contest, but that program was the meat and potatoes. When this contest is over I’ll do the program justice and do a full write up in the BB section.