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Lastnight I Dreamt Of...


Ok, so lastnight after taking my ZMA I fell straight into sleepytown. There I found myself in a room, bed, rough unpainted walls, the smell of damp chalky air. inquistive to where I had woken I walked out of the wide doorless door frame down a corridor decorated in the same fashion as the room.

The building was tall, one floor, cold. There was a feeling of metalic particles in the air. I was met by another room, open, but not the emotional nor welcoming state. As i peered through a hard bulky desk stood, cluttered with things. Behind the desk stood an equally or more so hard bulky man, standing below an invasive discourteous and powerful sign.

There I was, looking face to face at Dave Tate, Standing in Westside Barbell, Where I lived, Next to the training room, Where I stayed living for all the best training years of my life.


Nice ZMA induced flashbacks


I must score some of this.....

Actually, I dreampt that my room was a huge tropical fish tank and I was able to breathe normally. I was checking out the different cichlids and catfishes that I had, then wondered how nothing was getting electricuted, because the water was over the fuse box.


that must have been more potent than ZMA whatever you were taking..

Im pretty sure the reason I was at Westside BB with Dave Tate was because I'd youtubed one of his Q&A clips. I wonder if i'll meet jenna jaimeson tonight after watching that... documentary


I guess I must be normal. I just dreamed I was banging my best friends little sister....


Nope, I alway have had really vivid dreams. They're not usually as good as this one was.

For years i've dreamt of tornadoes. I love them.


I often times dream of the zombie apocalypse and the dreams usually involve me and a group of people dealing with it. Usually a lot of ass-kicking taking place. It is by far the most recurring of all my dream themes.

Rarely ever scary, really.


How little we talkin?


That's just plain wrong man!
anyhow,, yesterday I dreamt I was banging my little sister's best friend.


i took this shit call sleepnavar or androsnooze or someshit that came with an order from an undisclosed website

it says take one, so i took 2. its just tryptopham and green tea extract anyway

i had this dream where i came down my stairs and into my computer room where my mom was but the lights were off and when she went to turn the light on it died and she thought i was just some random burglar and i guess the reason i ran down there was because i wasnt able to breathe or something so she was just too scared to do anything and i was about to die then i woke up.