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Lasting Happiness

Ah, yeah I just changed the settings after I posted. :slight_smile:

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Pull-ups: 10x4

Deadlifts 225x3x3; 185x3x3

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Sweet! How much weight did you start with? I’m betting consistent weight vest walks will help you feel more uphill endurance and power when running. If nothing else, it’ll build some bone density and add a strength-endurance component to the dog walks.

9 lbs. I thinks it’s a good addition. I’m trying to be careful with it. I sometime have a tendency to overdo.

I’m on a bit of a cardio bender right now. That about sums up my training.


Perfect. On my last trail walk, I was actually wondering if you’d started wearing your weight vest wile dog walking. My daily pack weighs 10 pounds and, given your squat numbers and running distances, I was thinking 8 to 10 pounds would be a good start for you. I’m lotto just a couple times a week and cranking out cardio lately, too. This is the best time of year to be outside around here :slight_smile:

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Sunday: bench 95x5 reps x 3 sets; 95x3x3

Monday: 1 hour run; pull-ups x 9 sets of 5 and one set of 4 and 7/8 reps* got my face to the bar but could not get my chin over. And as I am hanging there and squeezing the bar and wiling my chin over it, I wonder why it is that I so frequently find myself failing so near to my goal.

Damn it.


Deadlifts for speed. Work up to 185x3x3; drop it down to 135x3x3.

Heavy squats. 175 was a real bear today and after I talked shit about owning that weight. Never underestimate your opponent. Only 1 triple with 175.

My heart is not in this today.


Wed and Thursday were all about work.

Today: 12 miles again. Felt better and performed better this run.


Running and bench today. Running is going well. Really having to hold myself back from bumping up my mileage too aggressively. I remember when I used to be able to run 6 days a week no problem. I wish I could still do that. Hopefully someday again. Gotta get more consistent and aggressive with PT stuff again.


1 hour run. Trying again with Slow base building.

I looked over my mileage for the last year—circling the drain. No progress. No building happened. Just a lot of the same old
Same old Running.

Pull-ups 9 sets of 6. After missing last week, I really tried to increase and better manage my rest between sets. But that 10th set got me again, and I couldn’t get my chin over the bar on the fifth rep. It would be better not to fail, but I am in hurry, and I have a long way to go.


I dunno, I see very good running ability.

Is your goal 10 x 10? I don’t know how your upper body joints would fare, but weighted pull-ups have often helped increase my bodyweight pull-up volume and max reps.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I mean only that I haven’t managed to increase my average monthly mileage over the year, which was something I had intended to do. But on the brighter side, I have avoided injury. Knocks on wood. I have had some overuse injuries over the last few years. So avoiding injury is a meaningful accomplishment.

Remember, you and I agreed, saying we’re going to do something is disempowering. No goal stating right now, only goal doing.

I’ll keep weighted pull-ups in mind. :slight_smile:

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Deadlifts: triples 135, 155,175,195, 215
Single @ 235*. In an ideal world that would have been a triple. But it felt slow and ugh. I regret a little bit not going for it.

Drop set: 185x18 (+1)

I was happy with the drop set. I probably could have pushed it to 20, but I think I need to appreciate each +1 at this point in my training.

HLR 3 set of 7. My hands hurt here and my lats were feeling it.

Facepulls,and push downs




An hour of running/ yoga and other PT work.

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Weighted walk with dog 2.2 miles. 46 Minutes. It’s tough to get a training effect from these dog walks because there are so many smells and things to pee on.

MP triples up to 70. Drop set at 60x9. Bands and PT and a bit of yoga.


90 minute run. Felt good.

My watch is reporting my 7-day average resting heart rate at 46. That’s lower than typical for me. Could be a result of my increase in lower intensity aerobic work…Could be bad data.

I have had increased doubts about some of the data I’m getting from my watch, i.e., I can’t be running that slowly or walking that fast. I suspect it is more likely true that my subjective experience of my effort and performance is likely bad. And yet here I am, training intuitively and not following a plan. :\

Edited to add: yoga. First time in a long time that I pushed the back bending. Working on king dancer pose.


2.5 mile weighted trail walk with dog. 581 feet of gain and loss. Don’t mind the added weight on the uphill; but I have less confidence in my joints on the downhills.

Squats: 5 sets of 3 at 165
Bench: 3x3 at 95

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Deloading this week. Legs are really tired from squats.

Lowering volume on pull-ups. Did 3 sets: 8,6, 6.


4 ish miles in the dark and in the rain

Legs are finally feeling better and I’m feeling ready to get going again.

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2.5 miles with the dog. The moon was bright. I am a student of the sky at daybreak.

Deadlifts: triples to 225; single at 240; drop set 190x17. Bar speed at 190 is good. 225 moves heavy.

I am also a student of the violin. Hence the music during my amrap set. Vivaldi violin concerto in g major performed By Jennifer Jeon. The theory is lots of listening improves playing.