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Lasting Happiness

6 mile trail run. 1300 feet elevation gain and loss. First time I could run this course without taking any walking breaks. Thank you squats!


Sunday: 4 miles with the dog.

Bench: work up to amrap 90x8. Yikes. The regression continues.
Dumbbell row: 20lbx 28 reps x 1 set


Squat: work up to amrap 145x23. High rep squats have been working for me, so I feel compelled to stick with them.

Bulgarians 3x12

PT with bands.


Wed: 4 miles

Thursday: MP triples @ 55, 65, 70, 75; heavy singles at 78.
Dropsets: 65x9; barx20

HLR: 3 sets of 8
Pull-ups: 6 sets of 2

Stuff with bands.


Yesterday: added 30 minutes on bike

Today: 10 mile run on the road.


Today: couple miles in the woods with the dog. Not sore but my legs were fatigued from yesterday’s long run.

Deadlifts: 5s @ 135, 155, 175, 195, 205, 215.


We aren’t always made stronger by trauma.


Fall running is the best running. 6 miles on the road today. I’m feeling pretty good about my capacity right now, and I am enjoying being outside.


I am not going to get crazy and go run 6 miles or anything but I do love fall!


MP today. Will take tomorrow as a recovery/ mobility/ PT day.

Worked up to a heavy triple at 75; drop set 50x 18. Lots of high re band stuff.

Strength endurance is a fascinating animal. The bar is so light and moves so easily at first and then it doesn’t and the weight is suddenly impossible. It’s a very curious experience. One which I surprisingly enjoy.


I should know better. As soon as I say I’m going to do x, here x refers to high rep squats, I don’t.

I felt like a newborn colt in the squat rack today. Guess the added miles on the road have caught up with me and run me over.

155x3 reps x 5 sets. Awful.

Pull-ups 10x2. I wanna say something about what I’m going to do here. But I won’t make the same mistake so soon.

Watch me.


The same thing nearly always happens to me, too. It’s uncanny.

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5 miles today. Legs felt great. I clearly did not squat enough yesterday.


Bench today; triples @95 x 4 sets
High rep stuff with bands


Trail run

Deadlifts: triples up to 225; singles up to 245

MP: triples up to 75; single @ 80


More and more I think about training in terms of building and maintaining infrastructure.

I like the building phases the most—covering new ground—-chasing prs. But the maintaining phases are equally important. Perfecting and owning new skills.

I am in a squat and bench press maintenance phase. This week I worked on owning 175 on the squat and 95 on bench. Lots and lots of triples at those weights. It was mentally so much easier than trying to grind out a new rep PR.

I’m in a building phase for endurance. I hope to be able to hit a late fall trail run.

I generally find that my deadlifting and pull-up ability are less impacted
by increases in running volume than squats and bench.
I may be able to build some strength with those movements while I focus on the running. Either way, it’s all good.

I’ve missed training for something—a particular goal done at a particular time. It will be good to run a race this fall if I can.

So,that’s what I am doing.


12 miles. This was more of a struggle than I was expecting. I felt crappy the whole time. I kept waiting for things to turn around, as they sometimes do if you keep after it long enough, but that didn’t happy today.

I am sure it won’t be long for these 8-12 mile runs to feel more routine. I am not there yet, but I’m excited to get to that point.

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This sign is technically for equipment maintenance, but when you think about it, your body is the most important piece of equipment you own…