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You said you’ve been kinda doing 5/3/1 for a bit. Do you mean you haven’t done the jumps in the program?

No, I have not been doing any programmed jumps.

Showing my age, my knowledge of 531 begins and ends with the 2009 edition of “5/3/1: The Simplest and most effective training system to increase raw strength.”

I also haven’t read the book since around that same time. I don’t remember Wendler’s jump protocol or if it was included in that book. It’s possible I simply overlooked it.

Really, I don’t recognize 531 anymore or at least the vernacular — anchor, leader, coffin worm —I’m not at all well read or up to date with my knowledge!

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I’m right there with you, I still like the OG 5/3/1. The only thing I do beyond that is joker sets, which I think he introduced in Beyond 5/3/1 and subsequently decided he didn’t like because people overused them, but they work for me so I still use them.

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Bike 30 minutes

Warmup: adding stuff here to improve my athleticism.

MP: bar, 55 x5; 65x8; bar x20

Pull-ups 10 sets of 4

YTL, face pulls, banded push downs.


Missed a few runs due to bad weather. Back at it today—3 miles 10:15 pace

Squats: bar, 65, 85, 95, 115, 135, 155, 175x3

Drop sets 145x 8; 95x20

Bulgarian split squats 3 sets of 12

Pull-ups one set of 8


Granted, I might sound like I don’t recall how much detail he puts into the original book on the jumps and throws. But I also don’t feel one needs to read Forever to know that Jim feels that they are important. I reckon he would find not being able to jump to be a red flag. Did you injure yourself somehow?

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it!

I’m not injured right now. But I am somewhat prone to injury as a result of the running or some other imbalance I’ve not yet been able to pinpoint or correct.

It’s more than that though. I’m heavier than I have ever been—about + 10lbs and have gone through menopause. I don’t mean to play the old card. It’s just I don’t necessarily recognize my body. And I’m tentative about incorporating such high impact explosive work.

I’m getting stronger which is great. I’m starting to feel a bit more like my best days as an athlete are not necessarily behind me.



Bench: bar, 65,85x5; 95x7
Heavy singles: 105, 115!

Dumbell rows and pushups

30 minutes on bike

Friday: 9 miles average pace 10:46…improving.

Probably was not well hydrated going into this run—finished the bulk of my water within the first 4 miles and then spent the last five miles nursing the dregs.

Figure I’ll cycle up to the half marathon distance over the next few weeks and then, assuming my body cooperates, maybe back down and up again to see if I can better my time.


Saturday: hike

Deadlifts: 95,115,135,155x5; 175x12

Heavy singles: 195, 215, 230



I read in Anna’s log that your husband is sick with COVID. I do not want to derail her thread, but I wanted to reach out to you and wish you and him well. I hope he feels better soon. And take care of yourself! Being a caregiver is exhausting.



3 mile run+ 4 barefoot on a turf field strides/ sprints.

I’m supposed to be doing one running workout a week that is directed at improving my speed—tempo run, hill repeats, or any kind of shorter faster interval. I’ve been quick to dump this workout…because it’s hard for me, it hurts. I don’t like it. I’m kinda afraid of it.

I’m not an embrace the suck, run until you feel like puking, kinda person. I’m a feel good love what you do person. Joy motivates me. Sprinting barefoot on wet turf was fun and happily it felt good. My legs did not explode on impact. There is a path forward.

I’m hoping that small taste of running fast and feeling good will push me to embrace a little pain and suffering in the ultimate pursuit of joy. Tuesday will be my first test of my renewed commitment.

Today: MP bar, 55x5; 65x3; 70x6
Face pulls, banded push downs

Pull-ups 10 sets of 5 spread out over the morning. Switching gears to train pullups (mostly) 1x week

30 minutes on the bike. Call me Sam I am. I actually like the bike. Maybe I’ll say the same about interval workouts soon.

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Those barefoot sprints on damp turf actually do sound fun!

Yeah, they actually were. Reminded me of being a kid.

Tuesday: 3 repeat 300s recovery 200m walking@ 1:30 = 8 min mile pace.

The 300m distance is inspired by Alberto Salazar. I read an article awhile ago that he used that distance routinely for his athletes and preferred it over repeat 400s. I prefer anything over repeat 400s because those suck.

I fell well short on reps that I wanted/planned to get. The workout was much more challenging than I expected physically and that did not help my mental resolve. Lol, I thought it would be easy. But, alas, repeat 300s are like repeat 400s—they suck too! Lots of room to get better here.

Wednesday: 5-3-1 squat day

Bar, 65,85,105x5; 125x3; 145x10
Heavy singles: 165, 185* I was nervous here—and I think it showed in how I handled the rep. Lost a little bit of control at the bottom (still probably not deep enough) but I recovered and stood up with it! A bit of knee cave with my right knee, which also isn’t great. But I’m actually very pleased that I went for the rep and got it!

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Thursday: Did not have time to get in a 6 mile run. Ran a harder 3.

Friday: Yoga stuff

Saturday: 6 miles --playing with tempo, figuring out pacing, working on running faster-- ran miles 1, 3, and 5 comfortably hard. Happy with the splits–mile 5 was my fastest. Splits: 9:58; 10:49; 9:38; 10:28; 9:12; 10:29

Bench: 65, 80x5; 90x12; 65x25
Pushups: 6, 8, 10
Rows DB 20lbs x30 x1


Sunday: hike with dog; 3 miles

Deadlifts: 95, 115, 145x5; 165x20. I really love pulling for reps. I’m happy my body is cooperating and that bitch sciatic has not returned. Knocking on wood that I don’t fuck this progress up.

HLR 12,12, 10.


Monday: 40 minutes on the bike and yoga.

Tuesday: 11 mile run. Average pace 10:48–took just under 2 hours.

I think it’s going to hurt my feelings to run this half. I had no expectations about the marathon distance. I’ve never done well with it. The accomplishment is the distance. But the half…I used to run better. And I thought about that today a little regretfully.

On the brighter side, I am improving—quite a bit. So, there’s still hope for me.


MP: bar, 55x5; 65x9; 50x15

Pullups 10 sets of 6. Really happy with how the pull-ups felt. Completed the first 6 sets during the workout. Spread the last four sets out over the next hour.

I felt awful yesterday, and I expected that I would need a rest day today. I was surprised to wake up feeling well. Food and sleep are magic.


That IS hopeful. Instead of looking at the half as a competition against your previous times, would it work for you to see it as a motivation to keep training effectively?

For sure, I’m trying not to look back. No joy in that! I was tired when I last posted and allowed myself to feel a little bit discouraged. That feeling has passed though. I feel grateful again to have a body that is as capable as it is and does work if I work it.

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