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Last Wk of First Cycle, PCT Start Date?

Okay so this is my last week of injections (1 today and 1 thursday)
Here’s what i ran:
Week 1-11 Test Enth 500mg/week (250 mg E3D)
Week 1-13 Anastrazole (O.25 mg EOD) reducing to 0.125mg EOD in last week

Week 14 Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg 2x/day
Week 15-17 Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg/day

I had an extra 500 mg so i went 11 weeks instead (today is the start of my 11th week)
I just have a question about the EXACT start day of PCT.

Based on my last pin being this upcoming Thursday what day exactly should I start my PCT?
Should I just start it on the monday of week 14? Or should i start 2 weeks after my last pin (so 2 weeks from this thursday) ? which would be towards the end of week 13?

I know there is only a few days of difference there but i want to be sure and very precise about this. Want my first PCT to go as smoothly as possible, and just want to get everything down to a T. Thanks in advance!

I do not have a calculator in front of me, but iirc, Test-E has a half life of 8 days (some will say a couple days longer), so 8 days after your last pin you test levels would be at the 250mg mark, 16 days 125, etc… So I would say 17-19 days after your last pin and you should be fine to start as you will be under the 100mg threshold for your natural levels to start to rebound.

Why would you start a cycle if you do not know when to start your PCT?

I did know that I should start around 2 weeks after for Test E, based on the newbie cycling threads and the searching i’ve done. I just wanted to know the exact day like i stated . You’re saying about 2 and a half weeks tho? I see your reasoning for this just want to be sure because why would they suggest for example in the newbie cycle planning thread:

"Post Cycle Therapy starts week 13

It is the same with either approach…you just have to make sure that your gear is cleared from your system before you start PCT (or it won’t work because you will still be getting suppressed from the gear). "

that was based on a 10 week cycle of test E at 500mg a week (2shots a week) since mine is 11 weeks long i just push the PCT back 1 week further to week 14 right? Just trying to clear up the slight contradictions of what people are saying and get it down right.

Half life could be described in this case as how long until something reaches half of its desired effect. So if you were doing 750mg/wk you would have to wait roughly 23 days to start if you followed the 8 day rule. It isnt a matter of weeks, etc… It is a matter of how long the amount you were taking will remain in your system until you can start the PCT.

I’ve always used the two week rule when running test E and its always worked for me, what I’ve always done is this let’s say thursday for example: thursday is your last pin so wait 2 weeks from that day, which would be a Thursday then the next day (Friday) start pct