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Last Week's Atomic Dog

Did I miss it? Did my RSS reader not pick it up? Did it not make the front page of T-Nation? Is TC ok?

Seriously though, there wasn’t an Atomic Dog article last friday as far as I can tell, and besides making my friday a little darker (until I got to the party with the 18 year old girls, but that’s beside the point), I wondered if TC was ok or if something had happened?

I know it’s not unusual for an older Atomic Dog article to get re-published, but not even one of those.

Atomic Dog signals the start of the weekend, now I’m struggling to figure out what day it is.

Yeah I never seen an article there.

This is what TC wrote in reply to a similar question in the ‘Muscle on a Budget’ discussion thread:

'No, sorry.

TC is ailin’. ’