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Last Time You Thumped Someone?


Were you in the right ?


Yes, this saturday night I was working in a bar doing security when a guy started punching his girlfriend in the face because she smile at someone, I grab the guy and toldhim you dont hit a woman so he tried to punch me,I did not thump him I just tenderized him a little.

I only resort to violence in violent situations, not in arguments because i believe I am smart enougth to win an argument without without violence but when someone try's to harm me or someone under my protection I dont hold back.


A juicehead whacked my best friend, who is not much of a figher. The fucker went to the hospital that night.



I really don't think I've ever been in the wrong when thumping someone.


I thumped this pretty little thing hard last night. She had long blonde hair, a tiny waist, and she could do this thing with her tongue that just...

...Oh, wait. I misunderstood the word 'thumped'.



Isn't this where you take a pencil and smack some other kid across the knuckles with it?


I'm pretty sure it should be a ruler.


No, no, no. It's where you take your fingers and then "thump" or "flick" someone's knuckles, head or other bodypart.


I was thinking of "pencil-break". Excuse me. This is what we did before PSP or wireless internet.


Man, I loved that game.


the last time i thumped, rather got thumped was about 2 years ago..cliff note version
friends bday, at a club, we are leaving, he grabs a girls a$$ on the way out, her 5 guy friends she is with start pushing him, i step in not knowing whats going on, "my friend" walks away, and leaves me to fight 5 guys. i get blindsided twice(very man-like when its 5 against 1)bouncer hits me, and im drug out of the club at a 45 angle,...but i got sympathy secks later that night "cause i was so brave" not becuase she was drunk..


When i tried to kill a man when i was 14 i was probably in the wrong, nowadays i started fightclub as a means to deal with my boredom, os right and wrong isn't an issue haha we have 30 members after only 2 months of fighting!


What the hell happended to grammar, spell check, and puncuations on this thread?

On topic though, I feel I must once again quote the great Dalton who said, "No one ever wins a fight".


I killed a man in Reno ... just to watch him die.


I thought thumping is what you did to the big-eared kid. When he's not looking, you wind up your middle finger over your thumb and thwap the kid on the ear.

At least that is how they thumped me. I had some huge ears.


Used to thump and be thumped often, about 50/50 win/lose but not bad for a smaller guy picking fights with big guys and usually (uhm always) drunk. One thing I notice with myself and others is that alcohol is usually involved and if not one is lost control of his temper. There is the occaisional 'beat the fuck out of the idiot in the cheapseats' mercy thumping but aside from that how can you be in the right?



Right on


"Sympathy secks"? You didn't just say that....


That was very nice of him to visit you in the hospital.