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Last Time You had a Street Fight


So when was the last time u were involved in a street fight?
Lets here why the happened and how it ended.

The last time i had a street fight was when i was 8 years old hahaha.Ive had people yell out to me and try and start shit but im a pretty laidback dude and just let it slide.
Plus being 6'4 250 pounds helps i suppose.

Recenty down here many street fights have not ended well for both people.Heaps of people are dying from hitting their head on the concrete after being knocked out.One of the reasons i choose to avoid fighting as i dont want to go to jail for knocking out some drunk fool.

Let the stories begin.


I have alot of jerks try to start crap with me because I'm 5'2" and they see me as easy entertainment.

I came close to a fight a couple weeks ago... it ended with me shoving the kid into a wall though. He really had me ready to beat the hell out of him too... but he actually ran away after telling me he was only kidding. I felt like a total ass... and now I keep hearing crap about 'roid rage' from people at school.

I usually try to avoid fights though ... both due to my size and the possible consequences. My last 'true' fight was when I was in middle school... and I didn't want to fight... but the kid was high... and he kept attacking me over and over again.


Street fights are for fucking idiots in my opinion. Defend yourself if you get attacked, but starting fights in public is just wrong.

How would you like it if your parents didn't feel safe walking down the road because of all the stupid fights.


Last time for me was in a bar near in town. Having beers and some guy started taking the piss out of my mate Dave who is in a wheelchair (nothing from the waist down - hips removed, the lot).

I told the guy to get lost and he got louder. His mates egged him on and he went for me. I kicked his ass.



Last time I was in a Street Fight it was against this bald headed tall dude, and he kept naming his attacks (Tiger kick, Tiger uppercut) . I gathered my chi and kicked his ass with a spinning leg kick. Out of no where some dude walked in and said "KEN WINS!" It was great.




LOL, I was thinking the same thing when I read the title of the thread.

I dunno, I don't get how some people get all worked up so often in public. I haven't been in a fight since I was a kid.


Many moons ago (I was 13) this really obnoxious kid kept harassing me and one day he sprayed coke all over my white shirt. It was my favorite shirt and without thinking I grabbed him and clocked him in the face.

He ran away and never bothered me again.


A couple years ago some guy in a van knocked me off my motorcycle. The street kicked my ass.


Way back in grade 5 there was an annoying kid who kept taunting me and telling me he was going to fight me, so I thought I'd set him straight. It was pretty hilarious actually. The whole school came out to watch and I had him in a headlock within a few seconds.


I too have lost a fight to the street! Though only on a bicycle...
flying along on my trek 1200.
practicing my counter steering through a corner that had never had sand there before...
still have the fucking scars.

but no real fights with people since fifth grade, and then I didn't really want to do it. some joker hit me so I hit him back, we both went home trying not to let the other person know how much you were hurt.


Stepped out of a bar a few years back and some dude from school dissed the misses. So I knocked him out with one punch he was suppose to be the toughest dude in school at the time. I then randomly got swarmed by 6 black dudes.

Ahahaha my feeling of being a bad ass was short lived. I always try to avoid these types of instances though because you never know whats going to go down in a fight.


Agreed. It's kind of barbaric. I'm all for fighting, sanctioned, professional, even consented, but initiating random street and bar fights is for people that have had too much to drink or imbociles.


I know its not the point of the thread, but I can't help but totally agree. Sometimes its very very hard to avoid, but fighting in the street with so many variables (hitting head on concrete, jumped by more dudes, weapons, legal issues, etc) is too risky.

To answer your question, I'm 20 and I've never fought a random stranger in the street.

I have fought my friends or kids from school (back in the day- nothing serious) and I do enjoy wrestling my buddies quite often. If you do it right, it can get pretty intense.


Last time was in highschool. Some dude who was high on something went apeshit on a buddy of mine and started attacking him so I just kinda went after the guy without thinking and started beating on him.

Then some friend of the dude (i'll call him dude 2) who was also high jumped on my buddy's back while dude 1 was dancing around trying to get away from me. So I noticed and ran and punched dude 2 in the head and knocked him off of my friend.

I then quickly started some ground and pound since he had fallen to the floor. He tried to tie me up with some weird guard looking thing (he didnt know what he was doing just trying to survive) so i picked him up and slammed him, then while he was dazed hit him again and he verbally gave up so i let him go.

At this time i think my friend was still trying to kick dude 1's ass. Anyways when i was done i ran over and side kicked dude 1 in the chest, and then he started running away either from pain or fear.


where is A_K with an epic alpha fight story when you need him?


I avoid it if I can. I'm the person who sees red and doesn't snap back to reality until the damage is done.

I was drinking in another town with my then-GF and this drunk moron comes up and blatantly starts hitting on her.

Fine. No big deal.

Then the ass tries to get fresh with her and starts trying to cop a feel. I see the look on her face...


Next thing I know, the guys face is making out with the pavement and I'd snapped his arm at the elbow. I went home the next day, but I got told he had a broken arm, broken nose and a cracked rib.

Funny enough, I still don't feel good about it.



Stop making me respect you, ya slimy bastard!


I revisit my tackling a guy into a police cruiser, story.

That was a while ago, Ive been downright chill lately.


i was blacked drunk from binge drinking two days straight and got beat up by a guy who i out weigh 50-80 pounds. very very humbling

p.s. apparently i started it