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Last Shuttle Launch Today


I'm bummed.

11:26 EDT btw.



I remember the first launch in 1981.

Since that was the same year that Raiders of the Lost Ark came out..I think I'll miss good Indiana Jones movies more.


The NASA TV link is awesome to watch. Even the landings are cool. There's been a picture of the shuttle on my fridge since the first luanch.

Nards, if you poke fun at the the greatest machine ever built imma gonna...laugh.


No, the shuttle's OK, but I think , without me knowing shit, that they seem to have gone up so many times that it became routine.

I want NASA to go to Mars or something cool.


A sad day indeed... I feel sorry for all those folks that will soon be out of work.


Lift off


"The STS-135 astronauts are: Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim."

Seriously, is it just me or do astronauts have the coolest fucking names?

And agreed Nards; a proper trip to Mars is overdue I think! The round trip would take in the range of 2 years but I'm sure there's plenty of atros up for it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sandy Magnus is either a female strongman competitor or a porn star who only films beach scenes


Watched it at the office. Mission Control looked nothing like the movie. It was pretty small.


I wonder if this final shuttle mission is going to be like the end of Star Trek 6. NASA will call Atlantis home to be decommissioned, and the crew says "go to hell" and keeps flying through space.


I find it sad. Not just the lost jobs, but the fact that there is no ambitious project in the works to replace the shuttle program. No manned mission to Mars, no moon base, nothing.

Well, I guess NASA will continue. I hear its mission now is "scientific outreach to the Middle East." I wish that were just a joke, but apparently that's what they're up to now. Wow, way to set the bar high. JFK must be rolling in his grave.

I know the country's absolutely broke, but a space program is the kind of thing that pays huge dividends -- unlike most of the tax money the pols are happy to flush down the toilet every day. Almost all the the miniaturization of electronics and the fuel cell technology we have today is a direct result of the space program. So what happens now that there is no more space program? We just hope that the Middle East steps up and invents the next generation of technology, I guess. Good thinking there, NASA. :frowning:


wait, last shuttle launch? for like how long? I read the headlines just thought it was the last launch of a particular kind.


I think most astronauts look like gym teachers.

They used to look cooler, but now I dunno. Maybe it's because so many have moustaches. The pilot for this final one does have the old school look though. It's his haircut. It's like Johnny Unitas'.


Here they are, and I just noticed that there are four...just like the Fantastic Four! The pilot guy (second from left) will certainly be Thing.

The woman will be the kind of Sue Storm that you'll ask if she can possibly just turn her head invisible during sex.


looks like a rap album. PLATINUM BABY!



Lol. That movie is a classic.


A sad day. The stars just got a little further away. I kinda hope Ulty is right, even though that would mean four carcasses floating in space for a long time to come.


You Know,I get extremely pissed off whenever someone brings up NASA and how they tell me its a waste of money. NASAs budget for the US is less than 1% and has provided us with technology has home insulation,memory foam,and without satellites,Cell Phones. How fucking stupid and short sighted can people be?


Obama Vows Renewed Space Program
Article a little over a year ago. Kinda funny in a sad kind of way.