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Last Show of the Year. Off-Season Here

Hello everyone.
New to the fourm. Just finished up with my last MP show of the year.
Looking forward to learning and providing to the fourm.
Here is my 1 year progress pic. Same show 1 year apart.

Finished 2nd in Masters 35+ and 2nd in my Open F Class


Stats? Years training? Height and weight? Natty?

Regardless, lookin great man!!

I’m 36
Current weight 217
2 weeks ago stage weight 206
2nd year competing

TRT for last 6 years

8 weeks out from show
25mg var pre-workout
6 weeks out from show
50mg win upon waking up

Continued that all the way up to show.

Trained 5 times a week.
Cardio 6 days a week. 45min fasted ED. 15 min post
Peek weak added in night cardio post 6th meal


Noticeable progress which is nothing to sneeze at when your already at your before pic level. Keep up the good work!

What’s your training look like?

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Hi Lonnie123
Since off season has started for me workouts have changed.
Obvisiously during prep the HITT cardio made up a large amount of my gym time.

Lift 5 days a week
Fasted cardio 30min 4 days a week
1 hour cardio 1 day a week post my one cheat meal a week.

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Doing a Bro split type thing?