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Last Set Extra Reps vs Assistance Work Reps


I'm just starting 5/3/1 and was wondering should I push myself to get extra reps on the last set? I follow it up w/ Boring But Big, so if I push for the extra reps I might not be able to complete the 5x10x50% of the same exercise. Just wondering the importance of one over the other.


Did you read the book and see what it has to say about the final set?


I suggest you start your BBB at 35%. & read the book!


The extra reps are the most important in my opinion, as they test your metal fortitude and strength. The BBB sets are more for building muscle. If you miss a couple reps with the BBB, no big deal.


Thanks for the replies. Common sense told me to push for the extra reps just wanted to see what people's opinions were.


Assistance exercises mean fucking nothing. Remember that.




...they aren't as nearly as important as the main lift, no, but that's just an ignorant statement.


assistance exercises can help build the main lift and /or address weak points.. saying they are 'nothing' or mean nothing is incorrect..


I mean they aren't the focus. They have a place in the program but don't over think it. If you are thinking "Last Set Extra Reps vs Assistance Work Reps" you really need to read the book. Don't be in a shitty mood if you get 7 reps on your last set of 5x10 or anything because it means nothing in relation to the program. The last set of your 5/3/1 set is where it's at.


Might of been a bit aggressive with that one lol


You should always try for a PR - and this is lifting NOT physics or computer gaming so sometimes it gets a bit hard. Nothing wrong with that.

Hard physical work and challenges are lacking in the world these days due to the complete de-evolution of our pathetic species. Sports, military and to a much lesser degree, training, are all we have as men to break down, shape and sharpen our souls. I highly recommend you accept the challenge.