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Last Questions Before First Cycle


23 year old male 4 years lifting experience, did research now for over a year and will start my first cycle in a month. had experience with ldg-4033 one time 10mg a day for 8 weeks,was okay had no sides at all .

cycle will be basic: 500mg test e week pct with nolvadex.

diet: aiming for gaining as much mass as possible but not too much fat: 3500 calories per day and 300g protein

my last questions or advise i am asking for: i will bulk, gaining mass is my primary goal, but when test converts to estrogen this makes hold on to water and stores more fat. nolva is for pct or if gyno symtomps should come.

What can i take while cycle to keep estrogen in a normal range and prevent getting too much unnecessary fat? or shouldnt there be much fat gain with 3500 calories and hard workouts 6ays a week?

last question: is injecting e5d best or e7d enough?

thats it,thanks for helping me out.

This is not necessarily true or exact. Don’t over think it. You’re too young but other than that sounds like you have it planned out. Wait for proper clearance before pct and you’re set. Good luck.

Basic is best.

I would (and do) inject twice a week; every 3.5 days.

300 grams of protien is a lot and probably unnecessary.

How much do you weigh? Bodyfat %? What are your current strength benchmarks on the popular lifts: bench, squat, deadlift, etc.?

You literally have no idea how exogenous test affects your body. There’s no need to anticipate needing a SERM or AI during cycle; most people don’t need any on 500mg/wk of test.

Not entirely true. Estrogen is highly anabolic and you actually need it to make good gains. You probably won’t need anything to keep estrogen in control on 500mg test /week only, but you will only know how your body will react once you try. This is why you need to be very aware of the side effects before you start so you can notice them easily when they come, and catch them early before they get out of control.

The thing you are thinking of taking to keep it in control is called an AI and the best one to use (at least until you know enough to make your own choice) is aromasin. 12.5mg if you feel like you’re having high estrogen side effects, but try not to use it if you don’t have to as gains will be better without it.

Neither. 250mg twice per week, spaced evenly (every 3.5 days) is best. This will give you the most stable blood levels. For example Monday morning and Thursday evening. I personally used Wednesday evening and Sunday morning for my first cycle as this meant no need to rush an injection before work.