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Last Q's Before I Buy: Cy & Experts Needed


Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I've been lingering here for a long time now...a couple of years, I think. Great articles!

I've never bothered to look into or read about the product's on here because I just assumed all you needed were protein and creatine. I've read the entire chains for HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, ZMA, Methoxy-7, M, & part of Carbolin 19.

Anyway, it seems like the best mix (regardless of price) for fat loss is HOT-ROX + Alpha Male. Is that correct? I understand zma can be added, but is not really necessary. How does ZMA help anyway? Should it be added to this stack?

My goal is to get rid of the little bit of fat ring around my midsection. It's genetic--my father has huge love handles.

I've been lifting for several years now and currently take: whey, creatine, multi, efa's, amino fuel, and Muscle-Link's cort-bloc. Cort-bloc (phosphatidylserine 200mg, glutamine peptide 800mg) wouldn't interfere with HOT-ROX & Alpha Male (or ZMA) would it?

I started taking xenadrine efx again after not using it in over a year. It's ok, but it seems like everyone says HOT-ROX is much better.

Last one: I drink almost every week, sometimes twice a week. I know it's bad. If I know I'm going to be drinking on a certain night, should I just not take any supps that day, or just continue thinking something is better than nothing? Meaning would the alcohol have any adverse reactions to the other supps?

Thanks for everyone's help.


If you're wanting to reduce fat mass, go with HOT-ROX. It's also extremely important to have your diet in line...there are several which can be found here on T-Nation.

Alcohol should not be taken with HOT-ROX, preferably not within 24-48 hours of your last dose of HOT-ROX. This is really just a good practice for any supplement or drug. The number one cause of emergency room visits (drug-related) and deaths, last I checked, was alcohol in combination.

The other supplements you're taking won't have any interactions with HOT-ROX or Alpha Male. Other than that, I wouldn't take the ZMA with your multivitamin/mineral.

Last, if you're truly serious about reducing fat mass and improving your physique in general, avoid the alcohol. It's counterproductive in more ways than one.

Hope this helps.


Methoxy-7 might go better with HOT-ROX while shedding fat.