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Last One Standing (TV Show)


This could be nice.

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I've been waiting for this. Looks pretty cool. Tomorrow night @ 9PM! I'll be on my couch.


this aired in the UK about a few months ago, was a good watch, a wrestler or MMA athlete could have cleaned up most events easily


Best tv show for ages in my opinion, as most of the shit nowadays is boring.

Though, for most of it I did feel that anyone would be able to compete and do pretty well. The richard guy (Rugby and Cricket) seemed so pathetic, Jason (the bmxer) being the best.

I just felt that they should have done it with ordinary people (those that don't do any kinds of sports/weight training/etc), or find harder tasks, as most of them seemed easy (the one in Africa where they used a kind of spear and shield, I felt that I could have competed easily).

Unless its changed for the US, the title is 'Last Man Standing'. Can't wait for the second series.


Um, at least judging from the first episode, I disagree. The only one I've seen is the Brazilian wrestling one, but despite being not incredibly grueling, they did get owned at the wrestling. I am sure they didn't have a combat athelete in the lineup on purpose as he would have too much of an advantage compared to the other contestants.


The next one (episode two, I missed the first episode I think, it was so long ago I can't remember) is, I believe the one in Africa, that looked easy. Going further down though, some of the tasks seemed easy for them, as they whooped a fair few of the tribes who play these sports all the time. I just though it should be normal people, and how they react, not athletic people. As you and others said, a combat athelete would have done very well indeed.

I did like it because it was a good way of seeing new sports/traditions, and having western people try them out. That I enjoyed as it was seeing who could be sink, and who would swim. Overall the series was enjoyable, even the majority of the characters were nice to watch.

Just out of curiousity, is the american version narrated by an america, and is it in the format of most american reality/tv programmes, or is it still narrated by an english person, and in english televison style.That is so funny to see the american version when I'm english.


Define comabt athelete, as one of them was a boxer/salsa dancer, does that not mean he was a combat athelete, r at least edging towards that area.

I'm guessing you mean the comabt program fights that are bloody (don't know the name), that occur in a ring, as a combat athelete (wrestling kind of fighting in a ring, which gets bloody, something that americans watch, but I've only briefly heard of).