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Last of the Powder

I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I was wondering what everyones stratedgy was for getting the last of your protien powder out of the can.

Every time I get to the bottom there is always about a half a scoop left over that I cant get, and if I dump it out it just goes everywhere, so I end up just tossing it.

Any tricks of the trade?

Well, you can pour it out onto a sheet of wax paper and then pour it into the scoop for measurement. Or, you can pour it into a plastic bag and then pour it out.

  1. Spoon it into the scoop, or better yet,

  2. Dump the old bottle upside down into the new. If you line up the bottle necks, there’s no mess. Also, use the scoop from the old bottle because the new one will be buried for awhile.

Lick it out.

I scoop until I can scoop no more, then tilt the jug to about an 80degree angle upside down (so not quite perpendicular) and then gently tap the side so the powder comes out into the shaker cup. If any gets on the table I sweep it up and put it in the cup.


LOL!! Thats funny…I take the simple route and make funnel out of paper and just knock it out there into the funnel and into my shaker. Simple, done.

Fill the almost empty bottle with a few oz. of H2O, replace the lid, shake and BAM… top off the drink you just made with your new powder. No waste at all.

I usually grab a straw and snort it out.

I just dump it in my oatmeal. Guess I didn’t realize it was so complicated.

turn it upside down over my blender.

Good lord. Dump it into the next of new protein powder.

[quote]MrTangerineSpedo wrote:
I just dump it in my oatmeal. Guess I didn’t realize it was so complicated.[/quote]

Yeah, who knew?

Why not turn it upside down and THEN screw the cap off. Voila, easy access, kinda like a petri dish.

Poor it onto a sheet of white paper
and snort it with a straw.
Nothing better than lines of protein powder.

[quote]jsbrook wrote:
MrTangerineSpedo wrote:
I just dump it in my oatmeal. Guess I didn’t realize it was so complicated.

Yeah, who knew?[/quote]

Its so true. Yeah I just empty it into the next container.

I usually just get a straw and snort it out. You can also fill the whole tub up with water, shake it up and drink it all real quick.

It’s the real man’s way.

use a smaller spoon, like a teaspoon. it fits into the corner of the jug to make certain you don’t waste that last 7 grams of protein!

Put the lid back on your jar, shake the jar as hard and fast as possible, then take off the lid & inhale deeply.

I call it a Metabolic Drive snooter.

I just recycle the last 1/2 scoop with the tub and hope maybe some bodybuilding bum finds the jug and is grateful. Gotta pay it forward.

Firstly, you must be smarter than the protein powder. Other than that, there are some great tips in the above posts.