Last Nights ME Squat

Yesterday I was looking for a new ME squat movement. Decided to do good mornings hit a new PR of 295 and also did a few sets of Deadlifts and I pulled 315. This was exciting for me as in my first meet in October I want to pull 350+ and total over 1000

Good job man!

You’ll definitely be pulling more than 350 for your meet!

brilliant work keep it up


GM of 295 huh?
Well I expect you’ll hit a 400lb in your dead by the meet. Nice work.

What did those good mornings look like? If you could handle 295 in this lift, a 350 deadlift should be a joke.

Thanks. You know when I started lifting last year it was to lose weight. Which I did, I went from a 290lb fatty in February to a 240lb fatty in July. In the process I got bored with bodybuilding programs and discovered Westside PL program. I really enjoy going to the gym for each workout either dynamic or max effort. I decided to do a PL meet this year and found the one I want to do in October. I would do one sooner but I play softball and coach baseball so I can’t train at 100% during the summer. I am really looking forward to the meet and I plan on going Raw accept for a belt. Right now I can’t afford all the gear. What I really need is a training partner but all the guys at my gym at the time I train are bodybuilder types, and the one guy who is big is the jerk in the gym who never puts his weights back and that pisses me off, respect the iron my man. Anyway I kind of went off on a little tangent there, sorry about that for anyone who actually read this.

I did a wide stance and I go down to parallel or right about where I lose my arch. I think I can hit 400 but my grip is one of my weakpoints but I am working hard on improving that. I’m actually hoping to get the grippers for the T-Jack reports.

Yeah agree with loopfitt. My arched back medium stance GM is a pathetic 200lb but my deadlift is 440lb.

good job bro…if your looking for something that can help your dl and your grip try adding deadlifts standing on a 2-4 inch box to your routine bud…bm

you talking about going for reps from a 2-4 inch box without letting the plates touch the floor until the end of the set? This is a good method indeed as an accessory exercise.

yea thats a good asseccory movement but if i am going to do it for a lot of reps then i do it with dumbells to keep the barbell out of my hands it is much easier on the cns this way…i use deadlifts off 2-4 inch box 2 way’s…1. for max effort with reversed bands i use a light band or a mini band and pull about 4 sets of 3 and then go up to a 1 rep max of around 90%…2. speed deadlifts off a 4 inch box with doubled mini bands wrapped under the bar and box this creates mad tension for these i pull any where from 6-20 sinlges for speed after my dyanmic squats…