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Last Nights Fights


So Rios Antillon was short but sweet, packing as much action into three rounds as Haye and Klitshko could produce in three fights. Antillon was a bit unlucky getting caught with one just as he was throwing his own but it was hard to see him winning the fight. Brandon looked MUCH stronger and is in line for some big fights right now (Apparently moving up in weight; Rios - Maidana anyone?).

It seems a new generation of junior middleweights came out of the blue last night with Molina and Lara battering their respective opponents (even if Lara was robbed in one of the worst decions of the year). It's hard to see where Williams goes from here, a rematch with either Lara OR Martinez looks to be a potential career ender.

KO of the night: Bute iced Jean-Paul Mendy like a cake.

Awkward moment of the night: Roy Jones Junior droning on about how Paul Williams best days are behind him, how he was taking a very worrying beating, and how fighters need to bite the bullet and do what's best for them and their families.


My boy Rios won. I like him, he's a hard cat. Here's the end of the fight.


I dont even know what to say about Lara getting robbed it was fuckin disgusting. What about the piece Max Kellerman did with Paul Williams and his trainer? they both said Paul had nothing to fix or add to his game....WTF?! I think Roy Jones Said it best when he pointed out that Sergio Martinez laid out the blue print on how to beat Williams


It was truely one of the most abysmal efforts to adapt to an opponent I have ever seen. Paul did absolutely nothing to correct the defensive flaw that led to him getting knocked out and then proceded to do absolutely nothing to stop Lara from smashing the same punch into the side of his face again and again and again.

One of the best descriptions I heard was "There seemed to be an elastic band between Lara's fist and Paul's face. It was "BOING", "BANG", "BOING", "BANG", all night long!".


Dan Goossen's fighters usually get the decision. The robbery of Lara was far too flagrant though. Morally speaking, it's the type of thing that should warrant an investigation but doesn't because judging is subjective. Appeals go nowhere - but that's boxing.

Should Paul face a southpaw that can punch, he's done. If he doesn't get a smarter trainer, or change his approach to training he's done. He sounds like he has one foot out the door anyway. He also sounds like a nice guy so more's the pity.

Irony is lost on some people. Roy Jones going on about how Williams should retire - this from the dude that at 42 is hellbent on a world tour of his self destruction.

Rios is a pure fighter. I hope he stays out of trouble outside the ring and keeps delivering in it. Hopefully Antillon's okay. He's a tough guy that's had some tough breaks.







I must watch this fight, downloading it right now after hearing about the uproar.

God damn it boxing corruption!