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Last Night's Bouts


Quite disappointing from Sergio really. Maybe he didn't take this fight seriously enough. Maybe he's slipping a little bit. Whichever is the case, he's going to end up heading the wrong way on the p4p list.

Lee looked sensational. Every punch sounded like a thunderclap. I have no idea how Vera is still alive, let alone on his feet.

Anyone have a link to Nishioka-Marquez?


Ok, I am hoping this is what you asked for.

I don't know what the hell the announcers are saying. I think they are speaking japanese, so ,maybe something about Godzilla and Anime tentacle rape porn?

I need more coffee. Black, strong, coffee. So, if this isn't it. Sorry. Send coffee.

Part 1?

Part 2?

Part 3?

Maybe 4?


Robert A


Cheers for that Robert. Not nearly as one-sided as some reports in the media suggested.



yup it's japanese. I love japanese announcers, they are so intense.

even Formula 1 becomes exciting when you put them to announce.