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Last Night New PR

Last night was ME Bench day for me. I was doing two baord presses and becasue I don’t have a training partner I usually only work to a max triple. But last night there was someone in the gm that I knew so I asked him to spot me at 265, which although pitiful would be a PR for me. I told him I wanted to do one instead I ended up doing 3 and had atleast a few more in me. I think the fact that someone was there gave me a little juice. I got to get a training partner.

yeah, when you find a quality partner it makes all the difference in the world. congrats on the new PR!!!

thanks man. I think I may put up something at the gym.

So do you think it was the fact that you had the confidence to make the lift knowing you had a spot or the fact that you had an audience to perform too?

I don’t lift with a training partner but i find that if i attempt PR’s in public i don’t tend to miss (especially if the are hot tight bodied females)!

Be careful about finding training partners. Very hard to find a good one. I had one and hated it. More of a distraction than anything. If I need a spot now, I just ask.

Congrats on the PR!

congrats…you know enviroment and training partners are a major key to successes usually when i have a new recruit in my gym they always set 20-30 pound pr’s just out of sheer excitement…bm

295x1 today 2 board press and I had another rep in me.


Way to go man!

thanks zeb it felt so great.