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Last Minute Photoshoot



I just received a last minute notice for a photo shoot.(in about a week time)

Body fat is around 12% but still wants to try to bring down even more to look better for the shoot.

Currently calories at slight surplus at anout 250g of carbs a day . Does it make sense to go 0 carbs or low carbs for one whole week maybe fill up a little the day before the shoot?

Am currently doing the “best dAmn workout program” . Should i change the workout up to something say heavy at the start ( to maintain strength and fullness) and end the workout with giant sets ?

Anyone with this experience please advise. Thanks a lot!


The type of workout wont make a difference in one week.To be honest you aren’t likely to drop tons of fat in a week. But by manipulating water you can give the illusion of looking leaner. Going zero carbs will make you drop a lot of water.

Drink water like crazy… 5 liters at least right up to the day before the shoot. The day prior to the shoot stop drinking water at around 2pm and take natural diuretics and an epsom salt bath (400g of epsom salts in the hottest water tolerable for 30 min)


Ok thanks for the advise! Will give it a try.


Oh yeah one more thing. How about carb up the day prior to the shoot or on the shoot day itself? Is it needed and if yes in how much amount?