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Last Minute Long-Term Travel Mid-Cycle. Help?

I was 4 weeks into a cycle of test e250. 500mg per week. Long story short. I had to travel from the US to Sydney for 3 months of work. What would u guys do. Try to find it here? Go to a dr and be honest? I have clomid with me 30 25mg tabs. Would you guys just wait two weeks and start the clomid? If so how what dose? I was planning on 10 weeks to begin with. Any help would be awesome guys thanks in advance.

Just run the Clomid and call it an L. Easier than trying to source in a foreign country.

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From what I can read between the lines it is rather difficult to get AAS into Australia. Apparently they open EVERY piece of incoming post. Obviously they get it in some way but with that situation I would bet anything over there will be cartel controlled and very expensive.

I had a buddy in college that took a semester over in Australia. I think he was in Perth, I do remember he was in the second largest city. Well back in college we were doing the whole experimenting phase. We smoked weed and he liked coke when he went out. He said when he was over there that weed was all around and maybe a little bit more expensive than here in the US, obviously they grew it domestically. He said towards the end of his semester he finally felt comfortable enough to ask his friends about coke. It was like $1000 a gram and you had to go get it from actual tri-ad gangsters. That price might be from the cost of smuggling into a tightly controlled border.

I know AAS is a different animal but I would be very concerned about trying to buy anything over there. It just seems like a good way to get ripped off. If you remember Sylvester Stallone got caught with HGH flying into Sydney for some movie related stuff. If they check Stallone’s bags and charged him then I bet you are going to get the once over too.

If you are set on bringing the clomid with you then I would at least grind down the tablets into powder. Then go get some simple everyday supplement at Walmart that comes in clear capsules. Empty the capsules then put the clomid into the capsules. I personally would not advise that. I would definitely not try to hide some un marked UGL tablets in something and try to get them in that way. At least in the capsules if they suspect anything they will be testing for stuff like cocaine, heroin, opiots, ect…

I think iron_yuppie has your answer. Your cycle is over unless you want to quit your job.

But I got ask what exactly were you going to ask your newly met Aussie doc?

"Hea doc, I’ve been using this schedule III controlled substance for recreational use to make my muscles bigger can you do me a solid and write me a script for say 3 10ml bottles of T cyp while I’m working TDY in your country so I can finish my cycle? " or something like that? HaHa.

No I am not really looking for an answer I just though your question was funny.
I hope work does not get in your way on your next cycle.

ref: Testosterone cypionate, along with other AAS , is a schedule III controlled substance in the United States under the Controlled Substances Act and a schedule IV controlled substance in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Why not pre-load your syringes? Stick them a carry on or just pack them very carefully. Duct tape them around your thighs or pack them in your prison purse. Unless you happen to have a TrT prescription.

From the initial post, I’m not sure if @casey1107 is already in Australia, or is about to fly over.

As others have said, the laws around steroids can be very strict. In Queensland they’re in the same category as heroin.

My experience is with TRT. I haven’t tried the black market route. It’s hard to get that prescribed in Australia, whereas clinics in the US will hand out scripts like candy.

The state laws also vary: Queensland requires a local prescription, and will only supply 250 mg per fortnight; in New South Wales the pharmacy will hold onto the script; and in Victoria the doctor has to write in the details by hand.

As for bringing supplies into the country, it’s reputed to be hard to get it in through the post. Last time I looked, if you’re carrying medically prescribed testosterone with you when travelling, it has to be from an Australian pharmacy and doctor, and you need to apply for permission first!

Oh, and due to a screw up somewhere with the suppliers, testosterone enanthate has been unavailable through pharmacies for months, and this situation is likely to continue until March. The other option, Sustanon, is also getting scarce, and I’ve heard of a few people going down the illegal route for treatment.

That said, if you want to go the black market route, a Google search will turn up a few local source boards…

@unreal24278 might give you a few more suggestions, if he’s not fixated on Malva pudding. :slight_smile:

Malva pudding is great, there should be a category on this forum for malva pudding between the T replacement and the Pharma category.

Anyhow the laws here are retarded (although methylstenbolone and methylepitiostanol still aren’t controlled substances here… Who would’ve figured lol). Suprisingly the reason for the laws being so tight have little to do with abuse from bodybuilders, doctors overprescribing the products and whatnot, the reason for the laws being so tight in states like Queensland stem from the involvement of Bikie gangs in the AAS trade (be it UGL and pharmaceutical grade), Bikie gangs were deriving a large portion of their profits from acquiring and selling these specific drugs, and many Bikie gangs are well… Not great, so the govt thought “hey, instead of legalising these compounds and therefore making a shit ton of money off tax that could help the general populace with better schooling, residencies and healthcare, let’s just put them in the same catagory as heroin and with that also put a bunch of otherwise harmless, law abiding citizens at risk for being charged with felonies and make it difficult for people with legitimate medical issues to get the treatment they need.”

Now those clinics that hand out HRT scripts like candy, there actually is a few of them here too, not as many, and it’s hard to figure out which ones they are, however I know of one or two. The laws regarding how much someone can supply (like in QLD), this is regarding authority, PBS subsidized scripts, I believe on private scripts they can hand out as much as the doc prescribes, so you just need to get a doc to write you private scripts (I’m talking about the state I live in, not sure about QLD)

Domestic seizure rate is near 0%, international seizure rate is quite high, however the chances of getting raised over a vial or two is slim. It’s a risk everyone takes when getting into the game of AAS though. Aus has bigger fish to fry than a dude trying to import a couple of vials (now if you’re importing like 1000$ + of AAS you might get into trouble?

Casey could bring the Clomid with him, it’ll likely get past customs, I’ve brought test (prescribed, but without import permit) through customs (though this was into America). Generally you can bring 3 mths of meds for personal use through (however there’s certain meds this exception doesn’t pertain to, with anabolics being one of them). I’m not advising OP to do anything illigal, however the chance of getting caught with some Clomid is low. If you go to an Aussie doc and be honest about steroid usage, the outcome will usually be… Not great… unless you go to a clinic.

Another option would be to take like 2000mg of test U (undecanoate) all at once, should have you at low normal T levels by the time 3 mths is over.

One can also get a legitimate script for peptides, SARMS, IGF-1 and the likes ONLINE here… But we have to jump through hoops for a simple shot of test???

I’m already in Sydney