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Last minute fantasy advice-HELP!!


Good people of T-nation:

I have a fantasy football draft today and with everything that has been going on I have not had time to keep up with what's been going on. I would greatly appreciate some tips on who might be good pickups. If there's anyone who has really improved their conditioning this year that might be good sleepers, fill me in!

P.S. No funny stuff either...I already know Vick is out for a while.



Terrell Owens, David Boston (assuming he stays healthy), John Lynch, and I'm gonna try to get Eddie George. I was hoping some Redskins were gonna have promise, but apparently that's not the case.


Go with Michael Vick.

Hes gonna have a breakout season this year.


Check out Stevens out of Seattle as a TE. I would avoid Chicago QB's along with Cleveland QB's as well.

David Boston is set to have a good year but he has been injury prone. I would also look at Robension (sp?) from Seattle as a WR. Seattle has an easy first part of the schedule against teams that lack a strong defense.

As with Vick, wait until the later rounds and grab him as a backup. Unless Doug Johnson does something unexpected, you might want to wait on grabbing Peerless Price until later.

And in case you did not hear, Bettis is not the starter in Pitt.

Best of luck.


Stay way from Duce Staley?

The only reason I say stay from Staley is that we don't know where he's going to.

Best picks are Holmes, Price, Williams, Mcnabb, Farve, Pennington. Although, some may over look Warner and company.

I may pick Warner for my 2nd FF draft. Vick (backup QB?) is still a good pick eventhough he's hurt.

Defense wise Tampa Bay, Steelers, 49ers, Giants (?), Jets.

Good Luck...


I'd stay away from David Boston, the coach there still is Marty Schottenheimer, he could have a wideout with Jerry Rice's work ethic and Randy Moss's physical gifts, and he'd still give the ball to Ladanian. I can't say I blame him, I'm not sold on Drew Brees' arm yet. As for a D, I don't think I'd look at Pittsburgh, we need Kendrell Bell to stay healthy for anything to happen, and the preseason isn't making that look good, I'd check out the Patriots D, as bad as I hate them. Giving Belicheck Roosevelt Colvin to let blitz from anywhere he sees a hole, they might be fun to watch. Also, if you can get him REAL late, like last round, I don't think Brian Griese will be a back up in Miami for long.