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last meal

hello everyone. for my last meal of the day, about an 1.5 or so before bed, i eat low fat cottage cheese (1 cup) and i mix in around 1 tablespoon of a product called all-fruit, it has no sugar added, just strawberries, and i take some flax oil tablets. my question is : does anyone see a problem with adding the strawberries in with my last meal of the day? any insulin spike to worry about?
i’m trying to lose fat.

As far as I recall, strawberries are a low GI carb. So you should be okay eating them with your cottage cheese prior to bed. You want to avoid fruit that causes an insulin spike such as bananas, grapes and watermelon. Apples, oranges and strawberries are better choices to keep your insulin from going crazy.

Nate answered your question, but I have one for you. Why do you eat so far from bedtime? You are just making your fast while asleep longer. If you sleep 8 hours you are not eating for almost 10 hours!!! Might want to rethink your meal timing and have some food right before you hit the sack.

In faith - Matt

He may need to eat a few hours before…I’m the same way because I find it really difficult to sleep after eating. So I’ll opt for 2 hours more of sleep fasting rather then 5 or 6 hours of sleep.

ChuckieT summed it up. i have a hard time sleeping right after a meal. thank you for your help, everyone.