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Last Meal / Pre Bedtime Protein?


I was wondering what everyone else does for there last nutrition of the day? I used to just use "Gold Standard Casein" and some fish oil capsules about a hour bedfore bed. Then I switched to "Elite XT" and a spoonful or two of BP about 2 hours before bed. But I'm not too keen on the "soy" in the Elite Protein. Was wondering if anybody could offer a better protein product or perhaps a whole food option that has the right macros for pre-bedtime nutrition?



I usually eat a Greek yogurt and a handful of cashews, OR a whey shake made with water and several tbsp of olive oil.


depends what's in the fridge, could be:

  • 1 scoop choco MD mixed in with enough cottage cheese, and then throw some peanut butter in there
  • usually it is 2 scoops MD mixed with 1-2 tbsp of cocoa nibs and either a dollop of peanut/almond butter or a handful of deez nuts


BTW how many is several? Never sure about how much fat/protien ratio I should aim for?

I usually toss in a spoonful or two of Whey into some plain Chobani for a snack. Mabey I can try that at night with either some almonds, BP or oils.


you're dating yourself there Snoop....lol


Chicken and rice on training days and 6 eggs on off days (low carb days).


Doesn't really matter as far as "slow-digesting" protein goes IMO...but just to be safe I eat cottage cheese with sliced banana and clementines, otherwise just any other meal


1 scoop of vanilla Grow! w/ 1.5 cup Greek yogurt, and a teaspoon of honey... seriously amazing. If you are fat, you should probably skip on the honey, or at least make sure you lifted before-hand.


lol a teaspoon of honey is like 20-30 calories...you really think the honey is what is going to make someone fat?