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Last meal of the day

I’m just curious what some of your pre-bed meals consist of and why you chose that. Please give me some feedback. Thank you

Usually anything tasty looking that could be loosely calld a “P+F meal”. And 6g Salmon Oil.

If I’ve had some really hard core training that day (ie. threw some coffee in before I worked out) I’ll have a good complex carb and protein (like a can of tuna and a pound of peas).

Funny you should ask, as I am eating my last meal of the day as I write this. Tonight it’s a cup of cottage cheese, six ounces of ground turkey, green beans, and a tablespoon and a half of flax oil. A litle bit of hot sauce to top it all off. A protein source containing casein, good fat source, and good fiber source are important here.

for me this usually depends on what the carb count is by bedtime. if i’m low enough i go with a cup or .5 cup of cottage cheese along with 2 flax oil caps…if the carbs are about where i want them to be i go with a can of tuna. also, i sometimes do a good time-released protein blend such as HDT pro blend 55. Stuff is only 20 bux a bottle pretty good price and it supposedly stays in you for 3-4 hours

I used to eat a protein + fat meal as my last meal. I have recently changed this to a Carb + Protein meal. The reason I did this is because I had trouble sleeping and the carbs got my serotonin running enough to get me to sleep. So I usually have 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal + 1 oz Mozorella Cheeze + 1 Cup of cottage cheese.

anything with casein. ill have 1-1.5 cup of cottage cheese, either a bowl of veggies or a salad, and 2 fish oils

Since I’m so original, I eat a P+F meal. Usually I use 40-55grams of a protein blend from protein factory (Milk Protein Isolate, WPC, Egg Albumen and Miscellar casein) with a tablespoon of flax oil and another one of olive oil. I also eat 1/3 cup of walnuts. So I get ~700 kcal with 50grams of protein and 50 grams of fat.

I always have my pre-bedtime peanut butter cup consisting of 1 1/2-2 scoops Low Carb GROW and a tbs. or two of Trader Joe’s natural peanut butter. F’n tasty.

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Grow shake with added casein and 20 fish oil caps. If going for food i like steak and cheese or tuna fish and fish oil caps. If i’ve had a really hard draining workout then i will have carbs before bedtime instead of the fats, but i usaully stick with the fats. laters pk