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Last meal of the day

I’m interested to hear what everyone uses as their last meal of the day, especially during cutting cycles. Would a low-carb casein based shake with some glutamine in it hinder the fat burning process overnight? Or, is it best to avoid eating anything in the few hours before hitting the sack? Obviously, it makes sense to eat something when bulking to ward off nighttime catabolism, but how does this change when dieting? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m currently cutting (T-Dawg and Meltdown), and usually eat 5oz of chicken breast and 3Tbs. of flax before I hit the sack (about 30min. before)

I always eat a Protein and fat meal before bedtime. Usually chicken breast and flax oil but sometimes I will have tuna and flax oil.

I like to mix 2 scoops low carb grow with fat free cottage cheese and then take 5 fish oil capsules along with 1 tablespoon of flax.

your body needs to burn calories to digest and process protein plus you need to keep nitrogen levels up so you don’t lose muscle mass. go with casein and fat. laters pk

I had been eating cottage cheese w. AP and a handful of blueberries along w. a tbsp. of flax, but I have since switched to 5 egg whites/2 yolks and fish oil caps. I have the cottage cheese earlier in the day at work…easier for my schedule since I can’t cook eggs there.

Cottage cheese, and lots of it. Or at least a cup.

Chocolate Advanced Protein, and a couple Spoons of natural peanut butter.

For Cutting: 1 Tablespoon Udo’s Choice, 4 fish oil caps and about 45 grams of a custom blended protein.

For Maintaining: 1 Tablespoon Udo’s Choice, 4 fish oil caps and about 80 grams of protein

For Bulking: 1 Tablespoon Udo’s Choice, 4 fish oil caps and about 90-95 grams of protein. Plus I wake up roughly 4 hours later and eat a protein oatmeal pudding made with 2 scoops of advanced protein and anywhere from 2/3 to 1 full serving of oatmeal.

50 grams of casein, two tablespons of natural peanut butter, two of olive oil and one of cod liver oil.