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Last meal Before Bed

Can anyone help me with my last meal of the day an hour or so before sleep. I now a lot of people have a whey protein shake while others have a whole source protein, (ie cottage cheese)should i ingests carbs and fat as well or just protein any other useful supplements to take before sleep? also ZMA is recommended on an empty stomach is this right?

I take ZMA about 30min-hour before my last feeding (whey shake). Just avoid calcium.

I say, foget the carbs, just eat Protein. My last meal is a can of Salmon. Which is 40-42 grams of protein and 0 carbs. I eat this approx 40-45 minutes before sleep. I know canned tuna or salmon taste like crap on their own, but a T-Man’s gotta do what a T-Man’s gotta do!!!

After LOTS of experimitation this is what works for ME-- Generally I take an MRP mixed with milk(1-2%),1/2 cup nuts,pear OR apple. Other times I’ll just use plain old food for my protein. For me, the carbs are a MUST!! I have a very physical job and a quick metabilism.Without the carbs I feel & LOOK FLAT.Everyone is slightly different -this might or might not work for you-- Oh, if I’m trying to get ripped ,the friut goes.ZMA is utilized to its fullest when taken on an empty stomach.