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Last House on The Left


Not to ruin it for anyone but was the 10 minute rape scene really necessary? I mean come on that shit gave me ED for like 4 hours. I can understand like including it in the story line or whatever but damn they reeaaallllyyy drug that one out.


It's a remake, they were just following the story line from the first one, and while it's gross, it makes you have no remorse for the bad guys


Haha, yea, that was an awkward part of the movie.

What made it even worse, was the girl I saw it with.

Long story short: She said I raped her in 9th grade, and then fell in love with me in college.

I looked over at her during the rape scene and said, "Now that's what real rape looks like!"


Watch the real movie.

Then watch I Spit on Your Grave.

Then watch the Cannibal Holocaust.

Then watch the Guinea Pig movies.

Then watch August Underground's Mortem.

Thank me later.


I think that scene is in there on purpose to really make you have a deeper connection with the girl and the family...while at the same time making you hate the pieces of shit that did that to her. Which leads to having no kind of bad feelings about what it done to them, at all.


you are a sick, sick, sonofabitch.





Haha, true story.


I bought the first one on dvd since I had never seen it. I was very unimpressed by what the 70's had to offer in terms of "horror". I do understand its place though so while I am not degrading the movie, few people today would actually "get it" like i am sure it was intended then.

I haven't seen this one yet though.


You weren't supposed to feel good about the rape scene. Be glad that it made you feel awkward and disgusted. It was part of other original movie and I'm glad that it was in the remake.

Makes you really hate the criminals.


Haven't seen the movie, but what's with Wes Craven stories involving rape? The hills have eyes, this one and probably a handful I can't think of. Dude's got some 'splaining to do.


The original had the corniest cheesiest soundtrack I've ever heard I believe. Just plain silly ass music that didn't quite flow with the vibe of the movie.



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i saw this movie with a girl i was seeing for our first date....lets just say I had a lot of making up to do after lol


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Eh... don't bother.

I appreciate the old movies, that's for sure. While I get nothing in terms of "horror" out of the original TCM, Last House on the Left, (original) Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc., you gotta know your roots.

The new one is, really, just another pseudo-'We're changing the horror genre, but not really' Rob Zombie-camp type. Worth 2 dollars for a rental, maybe.


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