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Most of you Americans are probably on Pandora, but how about a thread for sharing Last.fm tags? Checking out other people’s playlists loved tracks and playlists can be a good way to check out new music! So, I thought, why not try it out with the fellow T-Nationers?

I’m “heyitsgeorge” . I just updated one of my playlists to 45 songs, so it should now be listenable to anyone. The playlist is called “oldies,” and is basically music from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s… Hopefully, I’ll update the Chillout and IDM playlists this week as well, so for anyone interested in checking out these 3 genres, that may be a good place to start.


Some of you MUST have last.fm channels. Don’t tell me everyone’s on Pandora!?

I am going to check out your channel

I use last.fm when I want to hear a specific song, but I’ve never really explored the channel function. I’ll have to check it out.

I don’t use the playlists a lot but the personal radio is a nice feature when I’m away from home/mp3 player and want to listen to some of my music.

Mine is ‘tannkrem’

Is that your real name, by any chance? Because that would be fucking bad ass.

tannkrem= norwegian for toothpaste

random info of the day

Mr. Purple has it right and luckily (since I’m half Norwegian) it is not my real name.

I use it - and realize that I listen to a hell of a lot of symphonic/chick metal. “HippoOfBodom”

I’m gettinjiggywitit. I love that site man.

Your search ?gettinjiggywitit? did not match any music on Last.

You sure that’s it, bpeloquin?

I, for one, strongly encourage people to ditch these bitches.

[quote]lixy wrote:

I, for one, strongly encourage people to ditch these bitches.[/quote]

No need to get militant over three bucks. I wish Pandora had done the same instead of just cutting off access for international users.