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Last Drops Sus


hey guys, I am just after your thoughts on sus 250. I have 6 amps handy and am wondering which way would be better. using one a week for the 6 or 2 a week for three?

your thoughts???


Personally I'm not a fan of sust as it contains both long acting and short acting esters so you get the disadvantages of each. That means you need to inject EOD to ensure you have stable blood levels but when you come off you've got to wait 3-4 weeks to begin PCT while the long acting esters clear your system.

Some guys like it to jump start a cycle where they intend to swap over to something long acting but personally I'd just frontload and save some short acting stuff for the end.

Anyway, I would say 2 a week for 3 weeks would be your best bet but it's not going to go well regardless. . .



yeah I was thinking the same thing. I am staggering the shots. tues and fri. and i am hoping that the next cycle will be a bit better.




unless you are willing to shoot EOD, or bare minimum E3D, sust is not a good option. single estered tests are much better IMO.

bottom line:
both options of either 6 weeks @ 250mg/week...or 3 weeks of 500mg/week are not worth the time, effort and money involved.