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last dbol question

Okay guys I have one last question pertaining to dbol. I have 5mg tabs and plan on taking 4 a day (20mg), so my question is how is the best way to take these to optimize gains? Should I take them 1 at a time throughout the day or half in the morning half before the gym…etc? Just trying to see in the opinion of the vets which is the best way to take these. Thanks for any info or opinions.

i personally take 30mg a day. 10mg with breakfast. 10mg with lunch. 10mg with my preworkout meal.

for you i’d probably do 5mg with breakfast, 5mg with lunch, 10mg before you hit the gym with your preworkout meal.

just my opinion.

Methandrostenalone (DBol) has a half-life of 6 hours. I would split the dosage in half and take one dose before/after a workout (post-workout time is the most anabolic part of your day). Try to space your second dosage around the first. Good luck.

i apologize, i missed type what i was trying to say, change preworkout meal to postworkout meal in both paragraphs.

I agree with MassN on his theory. Take your tabs at the prime times for the best results. Hold on tight to those weights, they are gonna fly out of hands otherwise.

yes, dianabol has a very short half life. This means equally spacing your dosages out through out the day. This is also the reason why the morning dbol protocol works (avoiding htpa suppression)- wheras other orals such as winny, halo, do not. P-22