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Last Day for $15 Discount

For those of you who haven’t already bought my new DVD (thanks to those who did BTW)today is the last day to get it with 15$ off the retail price.

You can order your copy at … http://www.customflix.com/206661

and the discount code is M8QHVNN8

Ordered today Christian. Thanks for the discount. I’ve enjoyed your work.


This DVD is high quality and very informative. Definitely glad I purchased it. Without going into a long-winded review, I’ll just say that cluster training is like an evil version of EDT for both size and strength gains.

CT, if your DVD on power training methods is as good as this one, and I’m sure it will be, consider it bought.

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important thing: CT does not have a funny accent at all. He sounds just like half of the guys who play in the NHL. :slight_smile:

Got mine today.It is awesome! Everyone,buy this and the Black Book and Modern Strength and Power.As a trainer for 16 years I must say that it took years and thousands of dollars to learn what is contained in just these few pages.OVT is worth the price but the sections on reps per week and rest periods are worth 5x the price.For what it is worth I think CT’s data colections give Poliquin a run for the money! Thanks CT, zachariah salazar