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Last Creatine Questions......

Sorry for posting so many newbie threads about creatine, but I am still trying to search and learn.

  1. Is it ok to mix creatine in a protein shake?

  2. On your off days off from weightlifting, is their a certain time you should take creatine? Should you take it with food?

  3. Do you need an insulin spike with creatine on you days off weightlifting?

Thanks Again,


Sorry for the lack of in-depth reasoning, but here’s my take:

  1. Yes, but you should also have some sort of simple carb in the shake for the insulin spike to aid transport.

  2. I take it in the morning so I can take it with simple carbs (while I’m dieting). I usually don’t take it with food.

3.Yes, you should take the creatine with some simple carbs on off days.