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Last Call for The Arnold


Ok T-Nation:

Who's going to be there?????

Where are you staying???

Care to swap digits so we can hook up for a T-hug?


I was going to, because I live in columbus, but I got a rugby game that weekend. I think I might send my brother just to get me some free swag.


Hey Iron,where are you at in PA? I love in south Jersey about 15 mins from philly, I am not going to the Arnold,but would love one of those T-hugs! hahaha


can someone explain to me why the arnold isnt held in los angeles? the mecca of bodybuilding.


I'll be there on Sat and most likely Sunday. I have not got a room yet. Any suggestions?


P-dog, there's already enough gay people in L.A.


uncle, lmfao!


I will be there! PM me and we can meet up.