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Last Bit of The Gut

[quote]windmill85 wrote:
BoxBabaX wrote:
HAHAH more like “you are exactly the type of person that should not be posting on this board” LOL, im sure prof X would love this thread.

speaking of, where is prof X? i havent seen him post in about a week or so… sorta miss the guy[/quote]

dude the guys a tightass he’d just make you feel horrible for not being him…

HorationSandoval…Actually i do appreciate the feedback…but in replies, like yours, you are set more on ripping someone then giving educated assistance. You wrote in the past reply that i am loosing muscle mass. The velocity diet states that you can lower your body fat percentage while maintaining most muscle mass. And it has worked.

My original question was if anyone has done a body fat lowering diet, like the V-diet and at the end still had some ab fat to loose. If so what did they do and was that normal. I got very few responses covering that question. I expected the wiseass responses as ive seen that happen with most posts on here, but was looking for some more good advice as well ON TOPIC. Your original response was start a clean bulk. AS MY POST STATED I WASNT ASKING ABOUT BULKING I WANTED TO GET ABS, THAT WAS IT. So before you go all berserk and start swaring at someone in a post make sure you are on topic. DOUCHE

Hey pman ive done the vdiet twice, the second time just last month. I have similar stats as you but I am a tad bit lighter. 5’8" started at 172, down to about 160 or so maybe more depending on the day. I’m probably the leanest I’ve ever been, though I’m like you with that last bit of gut. My upper ab region shows, but the lower and sides not as much. I figure I’m just gonna have to keep eating clean and give it time (maybe another vdiet down the road). Good luck getting those abs in!

i just wanted to agree with cberner and tell most the rest of you to get fucked. he’s my roomate and at 5’8 160 pounds he looks huge, you would easily mistake him for 180 if i just saw him on the street. he also benches 300 pounds.

another thing you really need to take into account is at your height the chance the muscle bellies in your abs not being wider than a CD case is very likely where as someone such as myself who is 6’5 my abs start showing at 12-15% bf.

Hey I am looking to get on this Protein diet, I am looking to lose weight, especially in the abdominal area. I figured I would try using protein shakes, the mixtures that they recommend on here, because its low in calories and carbs, as most of my meals of the day. And want to add in very effective supplements to help weight loss. Can anyone help me out with a little plan and a list of the protein and supplements to use to go about this, I am new to this. Any help would be much appreciated.