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Last Bit of Help I Need on Diet...Much Appreciated

First off, thank you for the help I’ve already gotten on these forums. The articles on the site can be contradictory and at times confusing, but members on this forum have been pretty clear, so thank you.

Now, I find that often times I have trouble with cutting, not that it’s hard, the weight just falls off me. So like I gained 10 lbs the last few months, tried doing a cut by reducing cals. by about 300/day and going from 10 to 20 miles of running per week and two weeks later I had lost 12 lbs. Granted most of it was probably fat, but I went from 5 10 190 to 5 10 178.

I also have an easy time gaining weight when I need to. It’s just that if I want to cut, it ALL falls off.

Okay, so having said that, I’ve decided I want to bulk, but not sloppily. It’s not that I’m worried about losing my hawt abzzzz or some shit, I just generally don’t feel good physically or energetically if my bf starts creeping up too high. So my questions are:

  1. I know I need to eat more, and eat more protein obviously, but is it ok to take in more carbs as well? Especially on days that I workout? So instead of getting 2800 cals. (102f/204c/259p) getting say getting 3500 cals. (134/293/286), with carbs centered around pre and post workout of course. Would that help me bulk semi-cleanly? Again, I’d cut back some on the carbs on days I don’t work out.

  2. Some people use olive oil to add extra cals into a day, especially on low carb diets. If I’m already getting quite a few carbs will that olive oil go to stored fat instead of energy?

Olive oil is great for bulking. Make sure it’s extra virgin. Coconut oil is great too.

alright, cool!

If you’re going to eat carbs, the best time is definitely around workouts.

Any calorie you don’t use will inevitably be turned into fat, no? If the purpose is to get extra calories and you already have enough extra calories from other sources, then the answer is obvious.

Don’t go by arbitrary guidelines so much and go by how your body reacts. If you’re gaining weight consistently and without too much fat on 2800, then don’t increase. If you’re at the same weight, then increase by say 10% and try again. Gaining too much fat, then decrease by 10%.