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Last Airbender Legend of Korra Trailer






Massive United Republic metropolis founded by Aang and Zuko.
Aang and Katara's son Tozin teaching airbending to new avatar.
Toph's daughter head of METALBENDING republic police.

Pants. Shat.


greatest bending power ever!


Yeah I really love the advanced bending skills.
I only wish that air bending would get an advanced skill like the others. Something like:
Fire-bending -> lighting bending
Earth bending -> metal bending
Water Bending -> Blood bending
Air bending -> ?
Maybe something like bending the air around the edge of a weapon or your hand to make it into an air blade of sorts. The only problem with cutting attacks for air-bending is that Aang and the other air-bending monks developed air-bending as a non-lethal style. It would be interesting to see the one of Tozin's students or children using air-bending in a lethal fashion in spite of Aang's legacy.


Been waiting for this. I hate what M. Knight shamamlamamama did to that story.


My daughter and I have been waiting.


Yeah saw this the other day, was a great show. Hope this one is as good.


The only logical advance is vacuum. Mico vacuums to be exact. Would have to be an AoE explosive type thing though, or a large tornado.


The setting looks much more modern. I'm pretty excited about this, I hope it ties up some loose ends.


I'm thinking controlling your opponents ability to breath.


When does it start?

I followed that other show for years before they released the whole series.

Avatar made some money off me that way...but I will honestly pay for good writing and great story telling.


Middle of next year. Sadly still a full year before it airs.


I thought we all agreed to never speak of that travesty again?

Serious note though, looking forward to this.

And really glad she is goin nuts with the fire bending. Aang really let me down on that one...


hell yeah