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Last 9 Weeks Before Competition


Hey so I have competition on July 9th which leaves me 9 weeks to train starting this monday. ~3 months ago I was out of training for ~ 2 months but now I have mostly recovered back to my numbers of:
squat: 455 in wraps/belt
Bench: 290 raw and 345 shirted (fairly loose titan fury)
Deadlift: 465 in belt

Now I also have recently purchased a super centurion that certainly needs some training hours before the meet as I have never competed in a squat suit before... In the past, I have really done well on a sheiko type routine. But, obviously these last 4 weeks I have been just feeling my body as it bounces back. So I am not sure that jumping into sheiko at this point is worthwhile because running say 37 then 32 seems inneficient. Any views on running 37 or even just 29 for 4 weeks with 1 workout per week from bench and squat revamped to include shirted/suited work with three triples, doubles or singles. Then for 3 weeks doing some old school maxing training then for the last 2 weeks doing the last 2 weeks of sheiko 32 in order to deload and get preped for the meet. Any thoughts?


I would ask Al Caslow on Elite.

He trains on a modified sheiko.

In general though I don't think thats the best way to go in gear.

Just work the suit once a week the whole 9 weeks. If it is tight enough it should take some weight to hit depth.

I would not do whatever you suggested.

I would try a westside style program for geared lifting.

I definitely wouldn't switch back and forth leading up to a meet. Learn your gear. Train consistent. Go to the meet.


I'm with BigSkwatta. Nine weeks to train in gear is just about the minimum. You might do 2 or 3 more weeks of LOW reps, but I wouldn't hesitate to do nothing but progressively heavier singles for 6 - 8 weeks. You can do some volume on your accessory work, but don't beat yourself up on the big three. And I cut out the accessory stuff 2 - 4 weeks out depending on how beat up I feel.