Last 6 Months Bulk.Where to Go from Here with Squat?

Hi I’ve bulked for the last 6 months from 140 to 160 pounds averaging around 3500 calories a day. I’m 5 foot 11. My main goal is to become generally more athletic and so I’ve focussed on the big lifts with good gains.

My squat max has gone from 90kg for 1 rep to 120 for 4 , bench from 60kg for 2 to 80kg for 1 and deadlift from 140kg for 1 to 170kg for 1(proper grind and probably a bit dangerous).

My question relates to where I go from here, as like I say my main goal is to become more athletic in terms of speed and power. I’ve been trying to get to a double bodyweight squat to achieve this, but the the caloric surplus i’ve been in has meant that i’ve gained some fat- I’d say i’m 11-12% now having been below 10 when starting.

So I’m wondering what peoples opinions are on whether I should keep bulking and gain strength faster or try to get stronger while maintaining my weight given that my main goal is to get faster/jump higher. How feasible would it be to get a 150kg squat at the same weight of 72-73kg by August? This is my goal as that’s when the football (soccer) season starts which is my primary focus.

Part of the reason I think it may be best to maintain my weight is that speed and jumping gains may come more easily with a lower weight and I’m still a long way off where I’d ideally be in terms of speed and vertical. I recently did 30 metres hand timed in 4.3ish and vertical jump 65cm-standing reach 227 and hit 292. Ideally I would like to get down to 4.1 ish for 30 metres and to a 30 inch vertical. Unfortunately I don’t know what i was when I started the bulk but I know for sure that my vertical has increased by probably a few inches. My first few steps do feel more powerful when accelerating too but I’m not sure if I’ve improved my top speed.

Here’s my current lower body routine:

Monday: rest/football training
Tuesday: sprinting/jumping workout( something like 4x30m and 10-15 broad and vertical jumps)+football training
Wednesday: legs in gym: 1-3 rep squats and deadlifts/rdl. Usually some incline intervals on treadmill at the end
Thursday: rest
Friday: football training
Saturday: football match
Sunday: legs in gym: squats (usually higher volume) and deadlifts/rdl.

Squats have been my main focus and my question is essentially whether the greater squat gains if I continue bulking will be worth it in terms of the general athleticism gain from the squat strength increase-if not from peoples experience how hard is it to gain squat strength without gaining weight? Any squat form help would also be appreciated. I’ll post the video in first comment

here is my warm up set with 110kg from yesterday… my form closer to maximum might be a bit different so hopefully i’ll upload a 130kg attempt this week