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Last 10 Weeks of Cycle, Adding Tren

Howdy, just after some advise please.

Current stats

104kg lean mass

Been on 250mg test e e3.5d plus 125mg T3 coming to my last 10weeks before i come off. Going to add 80mg of tren a EOD for 8 weeks then taper the test e for 2 weeks then come off.

Should i stay on t3 while i add the tren a in to the cycle or let my natural t3 come back due to the properties of the tren?

Cheers for you input

Eh. Natural thyroid function comes back in a few weeks after t3 use, so theoretically it’s fine. But…do you want to have a zapped thyroid while you’re starting to ramp up the tren? That’s a lot of variables that could affect your mood all at once. That doesn’t sound like a fun time.

Good point, so maybe just cruise on t3 for maybe another 4 weeks until im settled in on the tren dose then come off. So that by the time i finish the tren my thyroid with be back in action.?