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Lasix (Furosemide)

Has anyone took this to cut weight? I was planning on using this to cut about 10-12 lbs prior to a PL contest with a 24 hour weigh in. Does anyone know the dosing I would need? I want to drop down to the 198’s from about 212. My plan was to potassium load a few days prior and then cut water out around 16 hours before weigh ins. I would have access to a sauna as well. I just don’t know when I should start taking it or how much to take. If anyone has any experience with this drug or any tips on cutting weight please share.

you can 20-40mg fusid aday.
start 2 day befroe your need to wiegh your self.take 1 tablet{20 mg}in the morninig and 1 befro you go to sleep
2 day like this will do the job.
you will pee alot!!
make sure to eat good after you weigh in
and to bring back the salt that the fusid takes out.