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Lashley Destroys Cook


Don't care if it's already been posted...


It makes me so proud.


He -literally- crushed the guy.


Hmmm...ummm...nevermind. Find this guy some opponents already...lol. I guess Bob Sapp counts...but it depends on which Bob Sapp shows up.


Epic fail. This is like a Gorilla fighting a chimp and you being impressed when the gorilla squashes it by laying on it. If lashley wasn't on steroids, and didn't have biceps the size of a vw beatle, and didn't out weigh him by 20lbs this would never have happened. Unimpressed.


I don't really follow pro wrestling so I don't know about his past, but he looks like a good rookie to me with decent potential. He also seems to recognise that he's just starting out too, so I don't see why there's hate.

The competition he's facing is about right for his skill level. And people are entitled to find strength and power impressive in MMA even if you do not. It is readily apparent he's not a world-beater but he could have a decent career from the looks of it.


Hey what about Georges St. Pierre? If GSP was slower, weaker, and not as skilled, all his wins he has would never have happened. Unimpressed.



He's another NCAA wrestler who basically said that he would have gone straight to MMA if the money was right back then. Now that it is he found what he wants to do. He just had a better offer in pro-wrestling before. I can't blame someone for that.


lashley needs to learn some humility thats the secnd time he's trash talked an opponent AFTER the fight..the guy comes off as a roiding dueche to me..


Niki... GSP doesn't win his fight's because he's 20 lbs heavier than his opponents. Honestly that's why I'm not impressed. If he beats bob sapp, then good for him, I'll give him credit. But I don't give credit where credit ISN'T due. That'd be like me being impressed with GSP's domination of Sean Sherk. Won't happen. If lashley showed some skill, some technique, something other than throwing his weight one the other guy and squashing him on the mat like a brute, i'd give him credit. Therefore... unimpressed.


Cool, although it wasn't me that compared GSP to Lashley. :slight_smile:


Don't make fun of Bobby Lashley and his pro wrestling background. The former WWE star said he was incensed by the fact that his opponent Mike Cook came to the cage in a lucha libre mask a la Nacho Libre.

Lashley is generally a polite, sportsman but he refused to touch gloves with Cook.

"Iâ??m here for business," said Lashley (3-0). "Iâ??m here and everyone wants to and tries to make fun of the wrestling thing. Iâ??m real. If they want to play around, Iâ??ll knock them out or choke them out. And thatâ??s what I did. I choked him out and made him pay. Now he can go put the mask back on and have fun with himself."


Oh... yeah... about that... my bad.


Unfortunately for you, in the heavyweight division you can face an opponent that outweighs you significantly. If you're not prepared then he can squash you. Size is a viable tool to use to beat an opponent. You can dislike that all you want, but unfortunately in the real world size counts, and always has, and likely always will.

I agree with Xen that Lashley shows promise for a beginner, and should be taken seriously as an opponent.


Can't wait till he fights Sapp!


One more reason for a superheavyweight class.


I don't know about that. And while his style certainly has zero attractivity for me, I have to cut him some slack:

Compared to most other superheavies, he seems smart and charismatic.


He moves well...just like another former WWE star/NCAA wrestler. He's very light on his feet..and not stiff.


Shit, prove he was on steroids and Cook wasnt't. Since when do big biceps win fights? Bob Sapp will outweigh him by around 100lb. We'll see about that fight.

As for trash talking, I'd rather see a guy hold his tongue while his opponent is giving serious disrespect(Guida and Cook), then beat them and THEN talk the trash. They started it, he finished it.

Overall, I like Nikiforos' take.


This fight can't really tell you much about Lashley's skills and potential.

His opponent looked like fish out of the water in this strange N-S Choke variation. Why didn't he go for wrist control, damn it? There is the "'Cause he was being choked by 250 lbs monster" explanation, but then you can't say Cook should be barometer for the abilities of a good fighter.


It's me you're replying to. Size is a perfectly acceptable means of helping to win a fight. If they don't like it, they can cut weight and fight in a lower weight class where they don't need to worry about being dwarfed. Why is tratining to have the size advantage looked upon as any different than training for an advantage in speed o you? If GSP didn't have any training in MMA, he'd still beat the hell out of the average person due to his training for explosive power and speed. That doesn't have anything to do with technical skill, so why is taking advantage of the weight class and being bigger than your opponent somehow less fair?

I guess all the BJJ guys who go on about how "size doesn't matter" should clarify it with "if they're within 5-10lbs."